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CSI: The Experience

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CSI: The Experience
April - 2014
Thu 4/24 9:00 am
Fri 4/25 9:00 am
Sat 4/26 9:00 am
Sun 4/27 9:00 am
Mon 4/28 9:00 am
Tue 4/29 9:00 am
Wed 4/30 9:00 am
Thu 5/1 9:00 am
Fri 5/2 9:00 am
Sat 5/3 9:00 am
Sun 5/4 9:00 am
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CSI: The Experience Tickets

CSI: The Experience based off of the popular TV show, CSI Crime Scene, allows you to play the role of a crime scene investigator. You will be assigned to solve one of three true-to-life mysteries – “A House Collided,"" where a car and its driver will appear to have crashed through the living room of a quiet suburbia residence; ""Who Got Served,"" where the body of a young woman will be found behind a motel; and ""No Bones About It,"" where human remains will be uncovered in the desert.

Developed by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and Bob Weis Design Island Associates with support from CBS Consumer Products, the cast and crew of the television show, and the National Science Foundation, CSI: The Experience is a must see exhibit. The exhibit immerses guests in hands-on science related to the hit TV series that invites people to use real science to solve hypothetical crimes.

Visitors to the exhibition will use DNA identification, toxicology, forensic anthropology, forensic entomology, forensic pathology, firearm and tool mark identification, information technology, and blood spatter analysis to help solve the crime. Guests will even examine bullet casings, match DNA to potential suspects, and identify the source of a single strand of hair as they complete the investigative process. Once guests solve the crime they receive and official CSI Diploma!
Best Known For:
Interactive Las Vegas exhibit based on hit CBS show

The CSI: The Experience gives a new meaning to Las Vegas tours with two state-of-the-art forensic crime labs and dazzling special effects, allowing guests to plunge even deeper into the heart of the action and get a feel for what it’s like to be a real forensic investigator. Test your knowledge and skills and see if you have what it takes to solve a crime at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas!

MGM Grand Location Information:

3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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