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3 Family-Friendly Las Vegas Shows Ideal for Watching with a Toddler

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|by Reannon Muth |

Even the littlest of kids will love these Las Vegas family faves

Here’s a fact that likely won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been a parent to a three-year-old: The average toddler has an attention span of just six minutes. Given that the average Vegas show is over an hour in length, that doesn’t exactly spell success for a family outing to the Vegas theatre.

Magician Xavier Mortimer channels Elvis in ‘Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream’ (Photo: ‘Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream’)

Magician Xavier Mortimer channels Elvis in ‘Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream’ (Photo: ‘Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream’)

Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream at Bally’s Las Vegas
The dreamy and whimsical Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream features everything a four-year-old could want in a production – bubbles, balloons, dancing shadow puppets and a flying, rope-jumping magician – as well as several things adults will appreciate, too, like magic tricks, live music, ballet and a love story. The production stars the French magician Xavier Mortimer – an alum of both Cirque du Soleil and America’s Got Talent. Magical Dream is more than just a magic show, however, as it incorporates dance, mime and physical humor, all of which are fitted into a 14-act story arch, or a “magic play,” as the Las Vegas Review Journal has dubbed it. The show’s Mary-Poppins-Meets-Charlie-Chaplin theme introduces a touch of innocence and naiveté to a Vegas show lineup that is so often anything but.

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater at Planet Hollywood
Every child loves a circus, and the 5th-generation Russian circus performer Gregory Popovich offers a unique twist on this traditional entertainment format­. Like the show’s name suggests, this production showcases both comedy and pets – 30 of the latter, to be exact.

The show’s furry performers include cats, dogs, doves, parrots and even a miniature horse; it’s like every kid’s favorite adorable animal YouTube video, only live. The animals perform the expected stunts and tricks, but they also act out real-world scenes on sets designed to look like trains, classrooms and doctors’ offices. If that sounds strange, it is – but it’s engrossing entertainment, too.

Tournament of Kings at Excalibur
If there’s one show on the Strip that was made almost exclusively for kids, it’s Tournament of Kings at Excalibur. Youngsters won’t have time to grow restless at this Medieval-themed show, because in addition to the jousting, sword fighting and gladiator-style combat, there’s also a three-course meal.

All the food served is finger-food, so when preschoolers tire of watching the horses, jester and Merlin entertainer, they can occupy themselves by nibbling on chicken the size of their heads.

The biggest perk for parents, however, is the price: Kids three and under are free.

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