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5 Amazing ‘Cirque du Soleil’ Sets

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|by Debbie Hall |

Escape to a different world

Cirque du Soleil productions in Las Vegas transport audiences to new lands. Treacherous waves toss ships, the earth splits in two and dense forests hide creatures of the night. Be amazed when experiencing these five Cirque du Soleil sets that transcend gravity and space.

'Cirque du Soleil' shows like 'The Beatles LOVE' boast impressive sets (Photo: Cirque du Soleil)

'Cirque du Soleil' shows like 'The Beatles LOVE' boast impressive sets (Photo: Cirque du Soleil)

This battlefield set rotates 360 degrees to become a vertical combat zone. Warriors for good and evil fight while defying gravity. As the stage moves closer to the audience, the earth becomes one with above and below. This death-defying scene challenges science.

A ghostly ship emerges from the mist in a sea of surrealism, sailing through murky waters. It is almost as if the audience has been submerged in the underground world of a mysterious body of the water from another time. Feel the chill as this subterranean environment takes over the theater.

Michael Jackson ONE
Ghouls come out to dance in the ultimate horror production number, “Thriller.” The graveyard set comes alive, complete with ghosts and goblins, making ONE scarier (and more thrilling) than Halloween, every night of the week.

The Beatles LOVE
Motherhood takes on a new meaning with “Lady Madonna,” which presents a new visual for the Fab Four when the world of the theater is overtaken by children. Faces pop up as babies dance in delight, surrounding the stage in an over-the-top playground.

A child’s imagination envelops the theater with bright hues and even more colorful characters. A humongous snail glides across the stage as if in a dream, creating a world bigger than reality. Witness the delight and experience the thrill of seeing with the eyes of a child, through which everything is brand new – and anything is possible.

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