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Abby Sullivan and Delecia Dean of ‘Fantasy’ Share Their Tips for Getting in Summer Shape

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|by Aleza Freeman |

The hit Vegas show will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary

It’s pool season in Las Vegas, and that means sun worshippers all over town are stripping off those extra layers for some fun in the sun. But for the ladies of Fantasy at the Luxor Las Vegas, stripping off those extra layers is more than a seasonal activity.

“We have to be ‘bikini-ready’ year-round,” says dancer Abby Sullivan, “so we are always on our A-game.”

An adult-only female revue, Fantasy will soon celebrate 20 years of fulfilling audiences’ wildest fantasies in Las Vegas. The popular show includes high-energy dance numbers, a sexy singer and even some comic relief.

Abby Sullivan in ‘Fantasy’ at the Luxor Las Vegas (Photo: ‘Fantasy’)

Abby Sullivan in ‘Fantasy’ at the Luxor Las Vegas (Photo: ‘Fantasy’)

While the gorgeous dancers perform in the show nightly, most of them also work out daily.

“I feel way better performing in the show when I’ve already worked out, because my muscles are not only warm, they are primed and ready to groove,” explains Sullivan, a certified personal trainer. “I prioritize my workouts, and I don’t like to do anything else until they are done.”

She and fellow dancer (and women’s figure competition hopeful) Delecia Dean recently shared some of their expert tips for staying in shape with ShowTickets.

Tell us a little bit about your fitness plan?
I am very passionate about fitness, and enjoy a variety of styles. Switching up your workouts not only keeps things interesting, it keeps your body guessing – which is crucial. I always like to keep in mind that if it does not challenge you, it does not change you.

I weight-train five to six days a week and do cardio four to five days a week. I like to utilize my local group fitness studio because I love doing hot yoga, Pilates, cycle and a variety of other exercises to keep things new and interesting. Plus, I love working out in the heat to get extra sweaty. 

How do you get definition throughout your arms, legs, back, abs and booty?
To get muscle definition, it is important to target certain areas by breaking down the muscle and then refueling with good nutrition to rebuild bigger and better. I train my legs two to three times a week, separating glutes, hamstrings and quads. My favorite exercises for my booty are hip thrusters and glute bridges because they hurt so good. I also enjoy utilizing a band around my thighs with basically any movement to get extra external rotation and booty burn. The band is great because you can use it anywhere – no excuses. 

I like to train arms in the gym by using a variety of equipment, especially so I can hit the different muscle heads of the triceps. When training your arms, angles are everything. I find that the more awkward the position, the better the contraction. I like to always hit biceps and triceps each from a low, middle and high position, whether on a machine, cables, barbell, bands…It is always good to mix it up.

Abs are made in the kitchen. You can train them all you want, but if your diet is no good, you won’t see them! However, my favorite ab exercises are planks of varying forms. The isometric hold of a plank is so great on its own, and then you can add in a weight shift or a cardio burst such as mountain climbers for that extra push.

Delecia: Weights are key to getting your body toned, and that could be free weights or your body weight. Some ladies love doing yoga or Pilates, but I'm all about lifting. Also, nutrition is very important.

How do you shed any unwanted pounds?
Watching calorie intake versus output is the best way to shed unwanted pounds. It is also important to drink a lot of water, because hydration is a key factor in helping with weight loss. 

Delecia: For me, it's all about my macronutrients (macros). Macros refer to the three basic components to every diet, which are carbohydrates, protein and fat. I have no food restrictions, as long as I stay within my allowed grams. This method has proven successful for me.

Any other tips for our readers for achieving a bikini-body?
To achieve a bikini-body physique, it is important to have plenty of protein in your diet and drink a lot of water. You should be eating several meals, with protein, spaced throughout the day and making sure to get your carbs in before and after any weight training. Eating healthy plays a big part of being in shape, so I try to have minimal processed foods, if any, and watch my intake of booze.

Delecia: When it comes to eating right, I would suggest you pick what works for you and make it a lifestyle. If eating clean, going plant-based or giving up sugar works, then great! Make these choices into a lifestyle, because once you do that you will have a hard time going backwards to your old ways. Eating healthy and exercising regularly is key to achieve that bikini-body physique.

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