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Why See Absinthe Now

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|by Georgi Schultz |

Best in Show for March

This March, I got the chance to see Absinthe at the Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino. Absinthe has made a name for itself as Las Vegas’s over-the-top side-show style production that puts the “Sin” in “Sin City.” Its seamless combination of acrobatics, cabaret, circus acts and comedy make it this month’s Best in Show.

Why See Absinthe Now - Las Vegas

No. 1 Pick
Entering the Absinthe venue is a spectacle in itself, as the building accurately resembles a circus big top tent. The intimate theater is structured in the shape of a circle surrounding the round stage, so every seat in the house offers an extraordinary view.

Absinthe immediately makes it clear that the show is not for the faint of heart when the ring leader, The Gazillionaire, spews a list of curse words over the loud speaker, stating that if those words offend, Absinthe is not the show for you.

The first act begins with a daring performer who stacks and climbs a number of unstable looking chairs until he eventually reaches the ceiling. The dangerous act is followed by a sensual musical number that truly accentuates the shows authentic cabaret side.

The Gazillionaire and his assistant, Joy, then reveal themselves on stage, acting as the highly vulgar, comedic relief of the show. The Gazillionaire calls out actual members of the audience, poking fun at their looks or mannerisms and making the show very personal in a hysterical way. Each performance of Absinthe is unique, as volunteers from the crowd are brought up on stage between acts to compete for free drinks. There is no telling what ridiculous tasks the volunteers will be asked to perform!

There were many diverse and modern aspects of Absinthe that truly stuck out to me. One mesmerizing acrobatic act told the story of a romantic relationship between two men, while another number featured men in drag. Same-sex relationships as well as excessive alcohol usage and sexual innuendo were frequently brought up or joked about in the show. Absinthe stuck with its progressive theme by setting many acts to popular music of today. One exhilarating act featuring a couple on roller skates was performed to “Uprising” by Muse.

Absinthe was one of the boldest shows I’ve seen in Las Vegas, not only because of the brave performances, but because of the equally fearless content. This hysterically gutsy production will continue making waves in Vegas’s entertainment scene, and set the standard for comedic and circus-style performances.

Honorable Mention:
Rock of Ages                                                    

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