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Best in Show for April: Carrot Top

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|by Georgi Schultz |

Prop Comedy Genius Carrot Top performs at the Luxor Hotel & Casino

This April, fiery-haired, pop culture icon, Carrot Top, takes the cake for Best in Show. Born Scott Thompson, the stand-up comic got his obvious nickname for his mess of bright, curly red hair. During his freshmen year of college, Carrot Top performed his first stand-up comedy routine. After working his way through the stand-up comedy world, Carrot Top began appearing on TV, in commercials, and even in feature films.

Carrot Top Performs at Luxor Las Vegas

Carrot Top Performs at Luxor Las Vegas

In 2005, after becoming a household name around the country, Carrot Top settled down in Las Vegas at the Luxor Hotel & Casino. With over 10+ years on the Vegas strip under his belt, Carrot Top continues to slay audiences with prop comedy, pop culture references, and his signature, self-deprecating humor. After a short, but sweet opening set from a fellow comedian, Carrot Top takes the stage to roaring applause.

The comedian’s first bit was hilariously relatable, and my personal favorite. As Vegas tourists are all too aware of the vastness of the famous strip, Carrot Top played Less Than Jake’s hit song, “I Would Walk 500 Miles” as he mimes trekking from casino to casino in the hot desert. Surrounded by an array of open trunks on stage, Carrot Top continuously pulls homemade props from the boxes, describing their purpose with a hysterical one liner, and then tossing the prop to the side. Carrot Top keeps the show incredibly current, incorporating props that reference recent media blunders. Citing United Airlines widely publicized mistreatment of a customer, Carrot Top reveals a United Airlines snack tray with a hidden fist inside that pops up to punch passengers.

Carrot Top’s incorporation of musical cues, relatable humor and joke repetition made for a hilariously involved show. The fast-talking comic kept audiences constantly entertained. Even the show’s cornier jokes were made funny by Carrot Top’s critique of his own comedy. Carrot Top’s own hilarious critique of himself and his looks had the audiences in stitches. I was doubled over at the red head’s account of a woman he’d come across on the Las Vegas strip who said to him, “You look like Carrot Top… no offense.”

After seeing Carrot Top in action, it’s no wonder he’s ruled Las Vegas’s comedy department for over a decade. This gut-busting show will have audiences from around the world laughing for days to come. Don’t miss this month’s Best in Show winner, Carrot Top, only at the Luxor Hotel & Casino.

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