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Best in Show for February: The Rat Pack is Back

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|by Georgi Schultz |

See Frank, Sammy, and Dean only in Vegas!

In the 1960s, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. became the faces of Las Vegas with their collective charm and iconic voices. The trio ruled the city, selling out the Copa Room inside the former Sands Hotel & Casino nearly every single time they performed. Droves of people from around the globe flooded Sin City for a chance to witness the Rat Pack in action. Now, the Rat Pack miraculously returns to the stage inside the Tuscany Hotel & Casino with The Rat Pack is Back!


This month, The Rat Pack is Back transported us back in time to the days of vintage Vegas, when the tenacious trinity held the entire world captive. The Tuscany Hotel & Casino revives the classic Copa Room for this flawlessly executed tribute show. The production features three eerily accurate impersonators that could easily be mistaken for the authentic Frank, Sammy, and Dean. From their voices, to their looks, and right down to their mannerisms, the three stars truly shine in their roles. The trio is backed by a wildly talented live band and features a full brass section, much like the original Rat Pack performances did.

From the moment the show begins, audiences know to expect the unexpected from the chummy triplet. The Rat Pack is Back has been dubbed the next best thing to the real deal. This praise is much attributed to the performer’s natural emulation of the signature banter that took place between the group during their legendary performances. In between performances of classic songs like “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” “Amore,” and “That Old Black Magic,” Dean, Frank and Sammy crack jokes, interact with the audience and pull hopelessly hysterical pranks. At one point in the show, Dean appears on stage with an oversized martini glass and states, “My doctor told me to stay away from alcohol,” then proceeds to remove a comically long straw from his jacket pocket and places it in the drink. When Barbie the Bunny, the show’s sensual leading lady takes the stage, Frank asks if anyone in the room has a birthday and would like a song from Barbie, to which the live band responds by pulling individual birthday hats and party blowers out from under their seats. Frank and Sammy heckle Dean for his hilarious antics and comedically heavy drinking throughout the show, and each member slings countless jokes from the era to the crowd.

The pack’s comedic gold goes hand in hand with the quintessential set list. Audiences are whisked away to relive the golden days of Las Vegas during sensational performances of the group’s greatest hits including, “Night and Day,” “Sam’s Song,” and “My Kind of Town.” Whether guests lived through it, or simply heard the legends, The Rat Pack is Back will effortlessly restore the excitement of 1960s Las Vegas.  This February, dig up the past and relive the good old days with The Rat Pack is Back, playing Monday through Saturday, only at the Tuscany Hotel & Casino.

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