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'Celestia' Comes to Earth By Way of the Vegas Strip

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|by Sam Novak |

New astral-themed production opens at the Strat

Anticipation for Celestia been as high as the massive tent erected on its behalf. An announced January premiere came and went, as did competing tent show Fuerza Bruta. But after many delays and hoopla galore, Celestia has finally come to Earth...and landed on the Las Vegas Strip.

Celestia is the first large-scale entertainment offering under the Strat's new ownership and name. As the iconic hotel casino continues its evolution from Stratosphere into a decidedly more hip and relevant offering, Celestia has become an inadvertent keystone of their new image and business model. Naturally, a lot hinges on its success.

‘Celestia’ is full of starry acts (Photo: ‘Celestia’)

‘Celestia’ is full of starry acts (Photo: ‘Celestia’)

Last week's official premiere was flashy and epic in scope. Celebrities like BMX pro Ricardo Laguna and entertainers from all over the city enjoyed signature cocktails and delicious bites at a pre-show reception. Then guests grabbed boxes of popcorn before heading into the main tent.

The cavernous performance space, which is beautifully landscaped on the exterior, looks even larger thanks to colorful motion projections of the cosmos. Stars twinkle in every direction, and colorful astral bodies spin and glow. The stage is arranged proscenium-style, an unusual departure from the typical circus-in-the-round.

But Celestia is more than the traditional three-ring spectaculars of your childhood memories. As a live band pumps out the arresting opening number, a large international cast appears from all directions. Still more plunge downward from unseen platforms, filling the air and stage with wonder.

A threadbare premise follows central character Celestia, a star who's taken the physical form of a young woman. Hoping to learn about artistry and human emotions, Celestia journeys through our world accompanied by a pair of comical sidekicks. Of course, this story line is just an excuse to present a variety of colorful and jaw-dropping acts.

The fledgling production is beautifully mounted with snappy pacing, memorable costumes and a very attractive athletic cast. Contortionists, aerial artists, archers and knife-throwing wizards fill every square foot of the wide, neon-lit stage. Performers run through the aisles and leap onto platforms scattered throughout the audience, making for great photo-ops along the way (the show is picture-friendly, but flash-free).

Fans of The Greatest Showman will enjoy seeing Russian Bar athletes The Sandou Trio. America's Got Talent finalists Sergey and Sascha bring their stunning head-to-head balancing act to Vegas crowds as well. A spectacular sequence on the Wheel of Death will have you alternating between hiding your eyes and raising your voice with cheers. Mounted on a massive scale, this finale rivals anything Cirque du Soleil can offer.

Speaking of Cirque, you may wonder where Celestia fits into an already crowded entertainment landscape. That same question arose when water-themed WOW - World of Wonder appeared three years ago to take on Bellagio's O and LE RÊVE - The Dream at Wynn. If WOW's success is any indicator, there's a substantial market for budget-friendly productions like this.

Coming in at a tight 70 minutes, Celestia, never overstays its welcome, and is appropriate for all ages. Boasting a solid cast, excitement galore and tickets starting at only $29, Celestia is a worthy choice for your entertainment dollar.

Celestia performs Wednesday through Sunday at 7 p.m., with additional 9 p.m. shows Friday through Sunday.

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