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6 Fun Facts About Zombie Burlesque in Vegas

Category Vegas Showstoppers

|by Jena Pugh |

Sexy dancing, grotesque zombies and comedy wrapped up in one show

What do you get when you combine sexy and grotesque into one show - why Zombie Burlesque at Planet Hollywood of course! The hit show brings together your favorite horror films from the ’40’s, ’50’s and ’60’s and adds some sexy dance numbers, singing, specialty acts and a whole lot of humor for one unforgettable production. Here are 6 fun facts about the show:

Watch as 'Zombie Burlesque' blows your mind with sexy dancing, acrobatics, comedy and audience participation for one of the best shows on the Strip (Photo: Zombie Burlesque)

Watch as 'Zombie Burlesque' blows your mind with sexy dancing, acrobatics, comedy and audience participation for one of the best shows on the Strip (Photo: Zombie Burlesque)

There is Cabaret Dancing
It does have “burlesque” in its name so you can expect to see some cabaret-style dancing in Zombie Burlesque. Three ladies perform some very sexy (if you can look past the green complexions) numbers. They dance to musical numbers from some classic horror flicks from the ’40’s, ’50’s, and ’60’s.  The show is choreographed by New York choreographer, Tiger Martina, so despite some of the funny content, the dancing is incredible.

Feats of Balance and Strength
Zombie Burlesque offers more than just sexy dance numbers too. The show has rounded up some of the cities most skilled performers, who perform feats of balance and strength. There are even some jugglers and a contortionist in the mix., which always makes a show more entertaining.

There is a Live Band
A live band provides all of the music for the show. The band sits on a raised platform at the back of the stage. Not only do they provide some excellent tunes, they also go back and forth with some of the zombies in a few hilarious interactions.

Stand-Up Comedy
Ok, with a name like “Zombie Burlesque” you probably expect the show to be funny, but you aren’t prepared at just how hilarious it will be. Not only is the actual storyline one giant joke, but the show even has a stand-up comedy routine tossed right in the middle by “Tiny Bubbles.”

Audience Participation
You never know if you’re going to be called on stage to enjoy a lap dance from the undead in Zombie Burlesque. The show actually recruits four people thought the night - one to get said lap dance, another for a moment with character Tiny Bubbles and two more, preferably newlyweds on their honeymoon for a Newlywed game. The winning couple even receives a prize.

Jell-O shots
This show is just plain fun. So fun that every time you see it, you get a Jell-O shot. The shots are a nod to characters Jello and Vodka, who go at it onstage in a hilarious bit.

Zombie Burlesque performs Monday through Saturday at 8:30 p.m., with an additional 10 pm shows on some Saturdays and Mondays. The show runs 75-minutes without an intermission. 

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