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8 Indoor Attractions to Escape the Vegas Heat

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|by Jena Pugh |

Cool off and explore these interactive activities in Vegas

The desert offers no relief in the summer time. With temps reaching upwards of 110 degrees and hotter, Las Vegas becomes one of the toastier places to visit in the summer. But don’t worry, there are plenty of activities to enjoy while staying out of the sun. Here are 8 indoor attractions to escape the Vegas heat this summer:

Escape the Vegas heat this summer and into the interactive superhero Marvels Avengers STATION (Photo: Marvels Avengers STATION)

Escape the Vegas heat this summer and into the interactive superhero Marvels Avengers STATION (Photo: Marvels Avengers STATION)

Bodies…The Exhibition
Take a closer look at what lies beneath your skin at Bodies…The Exhibition. You’ll forget all about the heat when you see three dimensional cadavers, highlighting specific organs and systems of the body. You’ll learn all about the human body in the exhibition’s 13 bodies that have been dissected and preserved.

The Mob Museum
You don’t have to be outdoors to experience some of Vegas’ thrills. The Mob Museum will take you back in time to when the mob ran Las Vegas. The museum includes exhibits and artifacts from the mob’s time here including the mobster’s guns of choice, original furniture and even surveillance equipment used to bring them down.

Madame Tussauds Las Vegas
Stay cool amongst Hollywood’s biggest celebrities at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas. The wax museum is home to figurines from film, music, politics and more. Make sure you pose with such stars as George Clooney, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, Criss Angel, Blue Man Group and more.

Shark Reef Aquarium
Enjoy all of the splendor of the ocean without stepping foot outside at Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. The underwater world takes you into a sinking temple that has been overcome by 100 sharks and other sea creatures. The 1.6-million-gallon tank is home to over 2,000 animals including exotic fish, sting rays, sea turtles, moon jellies and more.

CSI: The Experience
Step inside and right into a crime scene at CSI: The Experience. The immersive and interactive attraction lets you participate in 3 murders, with 15 lab stations, 15 suspects and 3 killers. You’ll do everything from examine bullet casings to match DNA and identify the source of a single strand of hair.

Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum
You’ll be chilled to the bone after a walkthrough of Zak Bagan’s The Haunted Museum. Experience the spirit world in this 11,000-square foot haunted mansion. The mansion boasts more than 30 rooms, all full of the world’s most haunted objects.

Tattoo’d America Pop Up Exhibition
Escape the heat and take an incredible journey into the world of body art at Tattoo’d America Pop Up Exhibition. The interactive exhibit features gams, hands-on installations and more. You can even get a non-permanent tattoo at Inbox Lab or take the plunge with a real one from in-house tattoo artists.

Marvel’s Avengers STATION
Step out of the sun and into something really cool at Marvel’s Avengers STATION. The completely immersive and educational experience takes guests inside the world of The Avengers. Visitors will step inside the official STATION headquarters and into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with access to intelligence files, classified studies and experiments that explore the history and scientific origins of The Avengers

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