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Q&A: Comedian Tom Green Launches Las Vegas Residency

Category Show and Tell

|by Heather Turk |

The show must go on. No one knows that more than Tom Green

'The Tom Green Show' at Bally’s will feature a mix of stand-up comedy, video clips and surprise guests (Photo: 'The Tom Green Show')

'The Tom Green Show' at Bally’s will feature a mix of stand-up comedy, video clips and surprise guests (Photo: 'The Tom Green Show')

The comedian is launching his first-ever Las Vegas stand-up comedy residency at Bally’s Las Vegas on October 29, 2017. He recently spoke to, and he admitted that after the tragic shooting on the Las Vegas Strip on October 1,  there was a moment where he asked himself if he should still do his Las Vegas show.

“We all agreed we had to, though,” Green said. “While what happened was completely upsetting and my heart goes out to all the victims, their families and the people of Las Vegas, now is not the time to walk away. I’ve been traveling the world these past few years and it’s a sad commentary on where we are right now that something like this has happened a few times now. I performed stand-up in Manchester a week after the attack at the Ariana Grande concert and was filming a movie in Belgium (the upcoming sci-fi indie film Iron Sky: The Coming Race) and was scheduled to go to Paris the day of the Paris attacks. I just hope this isn’t something I get used to.”

Green knows better than anyone, however, that comedy can be cathartic. He says that comedy has been very therapeutic for him – especially when he did his MTV special, The Tom Green Cancer Special, in 2000 after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. But even though his Las Vegas show will also tackle serious subjects like life, relationships and the fact that the comedian is now 46 years old and doesn’t have any kids, it won’t be overtly political like so many other stand-up comedy shows these days.

“Yes, I know the president,” Green said, referring to his time working with Donald Trump on The Celebrity Apprentice. “And I do have some funny stories about working for my old boss, so there probably will be some jokes about that in my show. But I know people from all over the country will be coming to my show and some of them voted for my old boss. I don’t want them to feel like they can’t enjoy themselves – I want my show to be funny for everyone. So, I avoid the typical hot-button issues and instead look for things that are more obscure and offbeat. There’s enough negativity on TV these days – I want people to leave my show feeling positive.”

In addition to commenting on the world we live in and how people are addicted to their cell phones and social media, Green plans to incorporate classic video clips into his Las Vegas show and reflect on some of his favorite TV bits over the years.

“I’ll definitely make fun of myself a bit,” Green said. “I’ve done some crazy, ridiculous things over the years, so if people remember me from Road TripFreddy Got Fingered or MTV, there will be a touch of nostalgia to the show.”

Green is also hoping to have some surprise guests stop by from time to time. When asked if any of those surprise guests could be his costars from MTV’s The Tom Green Show, Phil Giroux and Glenn Humplik, Green pretty much assured fans that at some point Giroux would likely pop in for an appearance.

“We’re still good friends and he is in Las Vegas quite a bit,” Green said. “I would love to have Glenn on, too, but he’s sort of stepped away from show business over the years. Never say never, though. I plan on inviting a lot of my friends from both Las Vegas and L.A. to come on down and have a good time.”

Since Green will be doing a midnight performance on Sundays, some of his friends who are also Las Vegas headliners might even be able to come by and join the party.

“I’d love if Criss Angel or Carrot Top or Andrew Dice Clay came on,” Green said. “I’m actually Andrew Dice Clay’s second best friend. If you were to ask him who his best friend is, it would be [Michael] “Wheels” Parise first, then me second. I can’t wait to hang out with him more while I’m in Las Vegas.”

Although Green’s residency at Bally’s Las Vegas has only been in discussions for a few months, Green said he always wanted to try to establish a regular residency in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

“I tour more than most comedians,” he said. “I do more than 300 shows a year on the road, and after touring the world nonstop for seven or eight years now, I really wanted to settle down and be in one place for more than a minute; I wanted to establish a home base.”

While Green first got his start in comedy by doing stand-up as a teenager, it wasn’t until he noticed people from around the world calling in to his Internet talk show in the late 2000s that he decided to take his act back out on the road so that he could perform for his international fan base. When he saw people traveling from all over the world to see him do stand-up in Las Vegas at resorts like the Riviera and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Green knew that Las Vegas would be the “perfect scenario” for an extended residency.

However, even though Green is looking forward to performing in Las Vegas four nights a week and will be moving into a new house (“This will be the first time I’m not staying in a hotel while I’m performing in Las Vegas,” he said), he is still keeping his home in L.A. and will continue to tour on his “days off.” He’s also busy with several other projects, including a TV show that’s currently in development that he hopes will be on the air some time next year.

The former rapper who once rapped with such groups as Organized Rhyme and the Keepin’ It Real Crew has also been working on a new album, which he describes as “a comedy album with rap, rock and electronic music.” When asked if fans could expect to hear any of the new songs during his Las Vegas show, Green said there weren’t any plans to incorporate music into The Tom Green Show during its initial weeks, but that it’s “definitely possible” further down the road.

“Maybe I’ll invite Flavor Flav (who also lives in Las Vegas) to come out and rap with me,” Green said.

Regardless of what surprises are in store, Green guarantees that those who come out to see his show will have a great time.

“Not that there aren’t other hilarious shows in Las Vegas, but this show is going to be hilarious,” he concluded. “It’s going to be something new and something different. Plus, we’re in such a small room, it’s going to be a very intimate experience. One day we may move into a bigger room, but for now things are going to be very up-close and personal. Who knows? Fans might even have a chance to have a drink with me at the bar afterwards.”

The Tom Green Show performs in The Back Room at Bally’s Las Vegas Monday through Wednesday at 10pm and Sundays at 8pm and midnight beginning October 29. 

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