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ShowTickets Q&A: ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Vinny Guadagnino Joins ‘Chippendales’

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|by Heather Turk |

The Keto Guido will take the ‘Chippendales’ stage on April 26

Vinny Guadagnino may be searching for something deeper than just a woman he’s physically attracted to on MTV’s new dating show, Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still willing to enjoy a sensual night out in Sin City with some ladies.

Following in the footsteps of Beverly Hills, 90210 star Ian Ziering, Blossom’s Joey Lawrence, supermodel Tyson Beckford and even famed social media influencer Perez Hilton, the Jersey Shore star is the latest celebrity to sign on for an extended stint hosting Las Vegas’ acclaimed all-male revue, Chippendales. Performing Friday through Sunday April 26 through May 26, Guadagnino promises fans that he’s going to appear as often as he can in the long-running show, which celebrated its 17th anniversary at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in February.

Vinny Guadagnino will begin his run as guest host of “Chippendales” on Friday, April 26 (Photo: Denise Truscello)

Vinny Guadagnino will begin his run as guest host of “Chippendales” on Friday, April 26 (Photo: Denise Truscello)

“Those guys (the Chippendales) put on a good show without me, and honestly, I’m not even sure I can keep up with them,” Guadagnino humbly stated. “But I’m not some diva who is going to half-ass things either and just say, ‘Hi,’ and leave. I love being onstage and I plan on going all out while I’m there. As the show goes on, I might even jump into some different dance numbers as I feel out what I like and don’t like. It will be a work in progress.”

Although best known as a reality TV star, Guadagnino told that he always wanted to perform on a Las Vegas stage.

“I love performing, and Las Vegas is one of the biggest stages in the world to perform on,” he said. “I’ve done some Off-Broadway plays and sketch comedy shows in New York, I just wasn’t sure what niche I could fill that would get me to Las Vegas. A guest spot in Chippendales obviously wasn’t the first thing that came to mind, but it worked and once I saw the show, I was down. I hadn’t seen it in my normal everyday life (prior to being approached to guest host the show), but after I checked it out, I was surprised by what the show actually is. There’s this misconception that it’s just some nasty, male strip club, but it’s actually very theatrical with music, dancing and acting – it was right up my alley. My brand is all about positivity, and Chippendales is all about audiences having a fun and uplifting time. Seriously, having a Las Vegas residency is a dream come true for me.”

While Guadagnino may be comfortable performing onstage, the self-proclaimed “Keto Guido” admitted that he’s a bit nervous having to share a stage with the hunky “Chippendales” dancers.

“I’ll never be comfortable standing next to those guys – they’re in another league,” Guadagnino said. “Fans know what they’re getting from the Keto Guido, though, so I’m just going to stay in my own lane. I have an athletic build and I go to the gym everyday and eat well for the most part, but I’m still going to try not to stand next to those monsters. They make me insecure, they’re in such great shape!”

In addition to preparing physically for his big Las Vegas stage debut (“My face is all over Las Vegas,” Guadagnino said. “It’s even on ads at the airport!”), Guadagnino said that he’s been preparing himself mentally for the reaction he’ll get when he first steps onstage.

“I’ve been told by former Chippendales to get ready for all of the screaming women,” Guadagnino said with a laugh.

Some of those screaming women may even be Guadagnino’s Jersey Shore costars, as Guadagnino said his castmates have “never been so excited” for anything he’s done outside of the hit MTV show.

“I’m sure the girls won’t turn down a chance to see Chippendales again, and the guys want to come just to make fun of me,” he said.

Guadagnino noted that even MTV is getting a kick out of him guest starring in the production, so he wouldn’t be surprised if some TV cameras showed up during his engagement to film him performing for the next season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

“We’ve actually already filmed a lot for this next season,” Guadagnino said. “We filmed Mike (Sorrentino)’s wedding, his court situation – the cameras basically just keep up with us and our crazy lives and then we save the footage for later.”

Although Guadagnino isn’t sure when the next season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation will air (“I’d imagine after Double Shot at Love ends, just to give everyone a breather,” he said), with his guest starring role in Chippendales, and his new dating competition TV series, he’s definitely not leaving the public eye anytime soon. One has to wonder, though, considering that two of his “Jersey Shore” castmates eventually moved to Las Vegas (Pauly DelVecchio and Ronnie Magro) if he would ever consider leaving the coast that made him famous.

“I’m definitely a West Coast guy, so I do see myself one day moving to Las Vegas or California,” the Staten Island native said. “I’m excited to try living in Las Vegas for a while to see if I like it over an extended period of time. I have a lot of friends in the hospitality industry there, and am looking forward to going hiking and ATVing with Pauly and seeing as many UFC and boxing fights as I can. Plus, it’s pool party season, so I like hanging out by the pool all day chilling and not getting blackout drunk, then coming home at a reasonable time to go to sleep.”

While it may sound weird to hear the famed club-going guido say that he wants to get to sleep at a reasonable hour while staying in Sin City, Guadagnino is hoping any bachelorette or girls’ birthday parties that come to Las Vegas to celebrate take full advantage of everything the 24-hour town has to offer. Naturally, this includes getting tickets to Chippendales to start their night—not end it.

Chippendales is at the perfect time to fill that space in your trip after dinner but before you hit the club,” he said. “Ticket holders don’t just get to enjoy a party environment, they get a show out of it, too. It’s a guaranteed good time.”

Chippendales performs nightly at 8:30 p.m., with an additional 10:30 p.m. performance on Fridays and Saturdays. Buy your tickets on and save up to $38. Guests must be 18 years of age or older to attend.

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