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Las Vegas Show Recommendations for February

Category Best in Show

|by Alex Mateo |

Best in Show for February

Las Vegas plays home to some of the best entertainment on Earth, so picking out which shows to see while in town can be quite a challenge. As a Las Vegas local, I have witnessed a wide array of shows and productions; some of them wonderful, while others less so.

Las Vegas Show Recommendations for February - Las Vegas

All You Need is Love Finale in Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles LOVE

No. 1 Pick
One show that truly made an impact on me was the Cirque Du Soleil production of The Beatles: LOVE, a show set entirely to Beatles music. The first time I saw LOVE was on my birthday, so naturally, I had high expectations for my experience.

On the way in, many guests took photos with a gorgeous shrine to the Beatles that stood proudly on a colorfully lit walkway. I was fortunate enough to have VIP seating, so upon arrival I was lead through the themed lobby by a friendly costumed usher. In fact, all of the staff members were dressed in costumes representing The Beatles’ famous Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

Once seated, I noted the value of the VIP seats, thoroughly enjoying how closely I was seated to the circular stage. Classic Beatles songs played while guests arrived and were seated in theater, then finally the lights dimmed and the show began.

The first number was set to a special, haunting version of “Because”. The acapella version of the song built the anticipation in the crowd, until the show exploded into action with the song “Get Back”. The audience was then introduced to the lovable main character, Sgt. Pepper. Viewers grew attached to the character as he guided the audiences through countless colorful aerial acts, ground acts and other classic Cirque du Soleil aspects.

Two numbers that I will never forget were “Lady Madonna” and “Come Together”. The “Lady Madonna” performance consisted of a faux rain dance, while the “Come Together” performance featured pairs of dancers that would each take turns dancing under individual spotlights. Both performances were so artistic, mesmerizing, and entertaining that they contributed to my personal list of reasons that lead to me seeing LOVE two more times.

The final performance of “All You Need Is Love” was beautifully done and very powerful. There were tears in my eyes as I stood with the rest of the crowd for a standing ovation. The Beatles: LOVE exceeded all of my expectations, and left me with a lasting impression that I continue to speak of today.

This production pays tribute to the Beatles in an honorable and imaginative way, but also appeals greatly to non-Beatles fans. The Beatles: LOVE is a great experience for people of all-ages, and I believe it is a show everyone who visits Las Vegas should see at least once.

Honorable Mentions:
Le Reve - The Dream, Jersey Boys, David Copperfield

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