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Legends in Concert Introduces New Legends in Revamped Show

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|by Georgi Schultz |

Legends Never Die in Las Vegas

After 30 years on the Las Vegas strip, Legends in Concerts proudly boasts its “longest running show in Las Vegas” status. The incredibly involved tribute show features an ever-changing line-up of the world’s most prolific celebrities. With eerily accurate impersonations and endless comic relief, it’s no wonder Legends in Concert has held such high regard in Vegas entertainment for decades.


On Monday, February 27th, the Flamingo Hotel & Casino rolled out the red carpet for the exciting introduction of new legends and cast members to the production. Teaming up with NBC’s Dancing with the Stars choreographer, Lacey Schwimmer, the Legends in Concert team curated a stunning new opening number that features the song “Legends Never Die.” The completely customized opening ensemble pays tribute to the stars of yesteryear that left our world far too soon. Legends in Concert Vice President, Gina Adams, expressed her enthusiasm to finally be integrating the performance into the show after quite some time of preparation.

Reviving a Legends in Concert original, the show reintroduced Janis Joplin to the cast. The rock goddess, reimagined by Michelle Rohl, brought style and vitality to the stage with Joplin’s explosive hits like “Piece of My Heart” and “Bobby McGee.” Decked out in flamboyant accessories and signature, circular sunglasses, Joplin truly came back to life on stage during the incredible performance.

Taking audiences for a trip even further into the past, Janis Joplin was followed by the America’s original blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe. Portrayed by the beautiful Stacey Whitton Summers, the hysterical reenactment of the icon had audiences in stiches. In her classic seductress form, Monroe invited an eager volunteer on stage to perform a song for. Her comical quips and featherbrained innuendo made for an endlessly entertaining recreation of the world’s most beloved blonde.

Long standing Legends in Concert cast members also lit up the stage with electrifying performance. Kevin Mills and Damien Brantley hit it big with wildly authentic recreations of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. The show concluded with a feel-good finale that combined an energetic medley of song and dance. Legends in Concert once again proved itself as one of Las Vegas’s most unique, exciting productions. Experience new legends in this revamped, revitalized version of Sin City’s longest running show with tickets from !

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