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Q&A: Meet Ruby Lewis of ‘Baz: Star Crossed Love’

Category Actor Spotlight

|by Debbie Hall |

Ruby Lewis takes us behind the scenes of the dazzling romantic musical ‘Baz’

Ruby Lewis captivates audiences as Daisy of The Great Gatsby in Baz: Star Crossed Love. This musical is a riveting mash-up of Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby – all visionary by filmmaker Baz Luhrmann. Lewis has shared her powerful voice on Broadway and on the small and big screen. and spoke with about her transformation and return as a shining star on the Strip.


Ruby Lewis stars in 'Baz: Star Crossed Love'

Ruby Lewis stars in 'Baz: Star Crossed Love'

Growing up in Kentucky and pursuing a career as a performer, did you ever imagine you would be on stage on the Las Vegas Strip?
Ruby Lewis: No! I always thought of New York City and Los Angeles. But I was performing in the show [Baz] in L.A. when the opportunity came up to take it to a bigger stage in Las Vegas. I was so excited. When I first arrived, I fell in love with Vegas. Now I am back and happy to be performing in the production.

The Great Gatsby was written in 1925 and yet seems so relevant today. What do you think of your character, the beautiful but doomed Daisy Buchanan?
Ruby Lewis: I am very fond of my character, Daisy. I know the way she is written in the novel and portrayed in movies, she can be perceived as a selfish girl. I like to show her as someone who was not given a lot of choices in life. Yes, she was born into money and it seems like she has everything but her sadness comes from the fact that what she really wants she can’t have, ever.

Many of the songs you sing as Daisy are contemporary hits. How do you make them fit the character?
Ruby Lewis: Her story is timeless so I can easily find a way to express her in the music. The character is standing on the edge of a cliff debating if it is worth it to continue. This gives me so many layers and emotions to explore as Daisy and the songs can really express her and what she is feeling. To be able to sing and dance as Daisy – this is my favorite role I have ever played.

What is it about Daisy and Baz that makes this your favorite to perform?
Ruby Lewis: I have played so many characters but this is not your typical musical theater where everyone is so happy as they sing and dance. I appreciate the depth of the production, where so much range is explored.

How did you prepare for this role?
Ruby Lewis: I read the book, listened to the soundtrack over and over and saw the movies including the one produced in the 1970s as well as Baz Luhrmann’s feature. I now collect Gatsby memorabilia. This includes paintings and a pristine copy of the book as well as the novel I am constantly rereading. The Great Gatsby is one of the finest literary accomplishments and I love bringing Daisy to life on the Vegas stage.

Baz: Star Crossed Love performs Tuesday through Sunday at 7pm in The Palazzo Theater. Save big and get tickets on

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