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Meet Tierney Allen, the Lady Gaga of the New 'Legends in Concert'

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|by Aleza Freeman |

This legendary show is moving to the Tropicana with Allen as Gaga

There have been tons of legendary moments for tribute show Legends in Concert.

One of the biggest happens next week when the longest-running show in Las Vegas opens in the Legends in Concert Showroom at the Tropicana Las Vegas on Feb. 11. Debuting 35 years ago as a trial engagement at the former Imperial Palace (now The LINQ), the show has also been staged on the Las Vegas Strip at Harrah’s and Flamingo. This new move, however, gives Legends its own self-titled theater and headlining time slot.

Tierney Allen as Lady Gaga in ‘Legends in Concert’ (Photo: ‘Legends in Concert’)

Tierney Allen as Lady Gaga in ‘Legends in Concert’ (Photo: ‘Legends in Concert’)

Brian Brigner, chief operating officer for On Stage Enterprises (which produces Legends), couldn’t be more excited.

“The iconic, legendary hotel and the longest-running show in town…seemed like a really nice marriage,” said Brigner. “Both parties are super excited about the future.”

The momentous move south also brings about an only-in-Vegas coincidence. In 2019, there will be two Lady Gagas performing on the corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Boulevard. Tribute artist Tierney Allen portrays Lady Gaga in Legends in Concert. The actual Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) has a residency across the street at Park MGM.

“That’s what puts a little bit extra fire under my butt to get it just right,” says the tribute artist. “Lady Gaga deserves the best tribute possible, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

Mom to a 2-year-old daughter and wife of an Elvis impersonator, Allen joined the cast of Legends more than four years ago, but this is her first time portraying Lady Gaga in Las Vegas. She will present audiences with a stripped-down version of the award-winning superstar, sans carnivorous costumes.

“When I first started out, Gaga was wearing a meat dress and that’s all people could talk about, but she has come so far in the past 10 years,” said Allen, who makes all her own costumes. “Ever since the Super Bowl (in 2017), I feel like she’s become so accessible. So now…were doing a totally different take…so that everyone can enjoy the real soul of Lady Gaga.”

Allen is totally gaga for Gaga. She wants to meet her and shake her hand (and “never wash it again”). It’s not unprecedented for performers who are being portrayed in Legends to attend the show. Even the King of Pop Michael Jackson saw the show many years ago.

A chance meeting of the two Gagas nearly occurred after Allen attended Lady Gaga’s show Jazz & Piano at Park MGM. Allen was standing just feet away from the singer-songwriter, but before she could introduce herself, a group of enthusiastic fans scared her off.

In the meantime, Allen is concentrating on perfecting her performance.

“I don’t ever want to make a mockery of Lady Gaga,” she said. “She’s worth more than that. I feel like she’s the Elvis of our generation…she’s the most multi-talented artist of our generation, and she deserves a true portrayal.”

The show at the Tropicana will also pay homage to renowned musical luminaries such as Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston and Frank Sinatra. Each tribute artist gets between 12 to 15 minutes to bring musical memories to life, backed by a live band. The goal is to put on a performance that mirrors that of the real artist.

“We do the show every night as if those artists are sitting in the front,” said Brigner. “We're going to do it classy, and we're going to portray them as best we can…and never do anything disparaging, never an off-color joke. If you ever saw the star…this is the closest thing you're going to see to that, and if you never saw that star, this is what it is like.”

The new show will also dazzle fans with showgirls in historic costumes curated directly from iconic Vegas productions of the past.

“The Tropicana is so synonymous with the showgirl. The Follies Bergere was there for 50 years,” said Brigner. “We're going to have … showgirls—the real the real deal. It's kind of our way to pay tribute to one of the most iconic, famous figures in Las Vegas and what better place to try to do that, then at the Tropicana.”

The public will get a sneak peek at Legends in Concert during a free Welcome Concert, which will take place outside the Tropicana Las Vegas, in front of the main valet, on Feb. 7.

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