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New ‘Absinthe’ Act Holds Sway Over Audience

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|by Aleza Freeman |

The Green Fairy’s Bottle Service is the latest addition to the hit show

Las Vegas has its share of pole dancers, and plenty of bottle service packages.

Now, Absinthe Las Vegas offers both…but not in the way you would think.

The saucy show’s newest act combines sway poles, shots and the Silicon Valley Girls for a seductive and daring acrobatic act, The Green Fairy’s Bottle Service. After seducing a male “audience member” (actually, a performer from the show), four aerialists soar high above the stage on specially made sway pole apparatuses. As they dance, dive and dangle in mid-air, the Green Fairy pours shots into the now shirtless man’s mouth.

The Green Fairy’s Bottle Service act in ‘Absinthe’ (Photo: Spiegelworld)

The Green Fairy’s Bottle Service act in ‘Absinthe’ (Photo: Spiegelworld)

Absinthe’s sordid and sleazy host The Gazillionaire thinks it’s about time someone showed the Strip how bottle service is really done.

 “All of the nightclubs here in Vegas bring out an overpriced bottle of watered-down vodka with a whistle and a flashlight and call it bottle service…So I enlisted the help of my Silicon Valley Girls and the Green Fairy to take it up a notch,” says Gaz. “We’ve got sexy acrobats flying over your head on giant swizzle sticks, and the Green Fairy pouring shots…What more could you want?”

Absinthe and its cast of eccentrics has been arousing audiences with amazing feats of strength, balance, danger and flexibility for eight years. The adults-only circus variety show from Spiegelworld takes place in a theater-in-the-round under a circus tent in front of Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip.

In addition to the new act, Absinthe will soon launch a summer cocktail menu, created by Spiegelworld’s new mixologist Rustyn Lee.

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