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Q&A: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Tony Dovolani Kicks It Up with Chippendales

Category Actor Spotlight

|by Debbie Hall |

Meet the newest star of Chippendales

The world-famous Chippendales will have to step up their game – literally – with guest host, Dancing with the Stars and Mirror Ball Champion, Tony Dovolani. Along with his infectious smile, sexy moves and a charismatic flair, Tony shines on stage. He also choreographed some of the numbers, making those dance moves even more sensual, intricate and hot. Tony finally stopped dancing long enough to speak with ShowtTickets.

Chippendales new guest host Tony Dovolani (Photo: Chippendales Las Vegas)

Chippendales new guest host Tony Dovolani (Photo: Chippendales Las Vegas)

Have you performed in Vegas before?
Tony Dovolani
: When Dancing with the Stars was performing at the Tropicana, I hosted for three weeks. This is my first time as a headliner in Vegas, and I want to be good. The Chippendales is such an incredible brand and for me to wear the bow tie as part of the troupe is fantastic.

What was it like choreographing the Chippendales?
Tony Dovolani
: These guys are so talented. When I conducted the first rehearsal, I was so impressed with their moves. I am bringing a little Latin flavor to the show, and the men were so excited to incorporate it into their routines.

How are you feeling as the guest host of the Chippendales?
Tony Dovolani:
I get to add a "Tony" twist to the show, and this is one of the coolest things I get to do with the show. I want to make it different for the audience – even those who have seen the show before.

What does your wife think about you hosting the show?
Tony Dovolani:
She will be in the front row. Of course, I am performing next to men with perfectly chiseled abs, and the rest of their bodies are ice-sculpted. We did discuss it and, after seeing the Chippendales, realized it is a flirty not dirty show. There is more crazy stuff happening on Dancing With The Stars.

Through May 27 (Thursday to Sunday performances), Dancing with the Stars pro Tony Dovolani heats up the stage in a limited engagement with Chippendales. Buy your discount tickets at

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