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ShowTickets Q&A: Frank Marino of ‘Legends in Concert’

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|by Debbie Hall |

The hit Vegas headliner is the newest host of ‘Legends’

It is a history-making day when the longest-running headliner in Las Vegas history, Frank Marino, joins the longest-running production show in Vegas, Legends in Concert. Frank, known for his incredible tribute of Joan Rivers for over 35 years, will be performing in the iconic Tropicana Las Vegas, where Joan Rivers also performed at one time. While the glitz, glamour, and showgirls will live on, Frank will be retiring his Joan Rivers character after his limited engagement ends on Nov. 19. While audiences still have a chance to see Frank pay tribute to the First Lady of Comedy, he took the time to speak with about performing in this groundbreaking show.

Frank Marino as comedian Joan Rivers is the current host of ‘Legends in Concert’ (Photo: ‘Legends in Concert’)

Frank Marino as comedian Joan Rivers is the current host of ‘Legends in Concert’ (Photo: ‘Legends in Concert’)

How do you feel about performing in Legends in Concert?
Frank Marino
: I think it is the perfect marriage. The producers and I have been trying work something out for me to host show for over 10 years. Now the time is right, and I am having the time of my life. It is so refreshing to perform and not be the boss.

Why did you decide to pay tribute to Joan Rivers as a performer?
Frank Marino
: I have to admit; my first choice was Diana Ross, whom I idolize, and I tried. But my mirror told me that I am not black and I don’t sing that well, so I needed to find a white comedienne. At the time, the only two female standup comedians were Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers. I just loved the glamour of Joan Rivers, as well as her comedy. She was a perfect fit for me to host any show.

Why are audiences still drawn to tribute artists and their shows?
Frank Marino
: Many people idolize singers and musicians. However, the price of a concert ticket for those still performing is extremely expensive. For those who have left us, this is the best way to enjoy their performances. People get the opportunity to share their love of a performer with the tribute artist who also loves them.

While hosting, I get to experience four concerts. After I change outfits, I get to watch the artists and experiencing their dedication and talent.

Did you ever expect to live in Las Vegas?
Frank Marino
: Actually, yes. My aunt moved to Las Vegas when I was 16 years old, and my family would visit her. When I got to go on the Strip, we would try to find the stars that might be in Vegas. We would take the elevator to the top floor, looking for the penthouse. I just love the glitz and glamour of the city, and moved here when I was 19. In my heart, I always knew I would end up here.

Your act is for a nightclub show, and Legends is a family show? How does that work?

Frank Marino: Yes, my act is risqué, but it is all innuendo. It is still a family show, just a more dysfunctional family. The audience has loved what we are doing, and we will continue to present the best show without any vulgarity, just some teasing and fun.

Frank Marino guest hosts Legends in Concert as comedic legend Joan Rivers, and will be joined by a cast of sensational new tribute artists. Fans will be taken back in time with Fernando Castro’s mesmerizing tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen. Enjoy Tierney Allen’s breathtaking homage to Lady Gaga, and get transported back to the ‘80s with Jill Burke paying tribute to Pat Benatar. Matt Lewis brings Elvis, The King, back to the Legends in Concert Theater for a memorable evening.

Legends in Concert performs at Tropicana Las Vegas Monday through Saturday (dark Sundays) at 7:30 p.m. Save $26 on tickets when you buy now with

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