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Q&A: Human Nature in Vegas

Category Show and Tell

|by Debbie Hall |

Human Nature heats up Vegas with classics that span generations

Human Nature, one of Australia’s best-selling artists for over 25 years, brings their international act, Human Nature Jukebox, to The Venetian Las Vegas. Toby Allen, Phil Burton, Andrew Tierney and Michael Tierney perform the greatest hits from Motown, pop, soul and a little doo-wop. caught up with the guys to get the scoop on their timeless tunes and life in the entertainment capital of the world. And yes, they’re often recognized on the street from their massive billboards around town.

Human Nature in Vegas (Photo: Human Nature)

Human Nature in Vegas (Photo: Human Nature)

Why is your music so timeless?
Phil Burton
: I think every era of music has its standout songs that really seem to outlast the fashions and fads of the time they were created in. The cream always rises to the top and remains strong in people’s memories, and it will also happen to the music of today eventually. The great songs just need to be given time to separate themselves from the rest – once that happens they will be considered “timeless” as well.

What about international audience members who don't speak English – how do they react to you?
Mike Tierney
: The great thing about singing classics like “Stand By Me,” “Be My Baby” and “Under The Boardwalk” is that these songs have been worldwide hits so it’s easy for everyone to sing along and enjoy the music. No matter where a person is from, I’m sure most know the melodies and can enjoy the music.

Any funny only-in-Vegas stories?
Toby Allen:
There is a moment in the show when we all make our way into the crowd and deliver individual lines to people. Now my choice is usually pretty specific (don’t want to ruin the moment for those who haven’t seen it yet), and there have been a couple of instances when the audience member has completely taken me by surprise by either singing back to me or even starting to slow dance with me! That was a fun one.

What’s it like living in Vegas? Any entertaining moments of being recognized on the Strip?
Andrew Tierney:
As a local, I love having my favorite shopping and eating hangouts and after years of visiting the same places, it’s funny when someone finally says “Hey, I think I might have seen you on a billboard!” Even after eight years that still happens. Being an Aussie in Vegas is often unique enough but then when people see you popping up on Billboard as they’re driving around town, I think it starts to make sense for them why my family and I are here. I’m incredibly proud of the show we have so to share that with locals who already know me personally is really awesome.

Human Nature Jukebox is nightly at The Venetian Las Vegas. Their new CD Jukebox and their PBS Special Human Nature: Jukebox – In Concert from the Venetian broadcasts nationwide on PBS.

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