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Q&A: Magician Mat Franco

Category Show and Tell

|by Debbie Hall |

Meet Mat Franco, magician extraordinaire!

Mat Franco, Season 9 winner of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, has taken over Las Vegas. Celebrating two years on the Strip, he headlines in Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly in the theater named after him at The LINQ. His show combines amazingly inventive and stunning magic with crowd-guided improv. recently caught up with the busy entertainer, and he took us behind the scenes of performing in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

mat franco

Magician Mat Franco (Photo: Christopher DeVargas)

How has your life changed?
Mat Franco
: Although it’s just been two years since opening my Las Vegas show, it feels like so much more than that because a lot has happened in such a short time. Performing hundreds of live shows in Las Vegas each year, along with TV appearances and touring – life moves at a pretty rapid pace. Experience is the best teacher, and performing weekly has given me the invaluable opportunity to evolve as a performer and as a human being. 

You interact regularly with your audience. Any funny stories?
Mat Franco
: Most recently I asked a guy in the front row, “What’s your name?” He replied, “Victor!" I said, “Hi Victor, how are you?” Victor replied, “Great!" I then proceeded to bring Victor onstage only to find out that the only words he knew how to say in English were “Victor” and “great.” I think everyone in the theater keeled over with laughter, myself included. I then proceeded to perform the entire routine while Victor’s friend translated everything for him. It was certainly memorable and fantastic! Magic can transcend all language barriers, so it’s wonderful to have so many international guests at the show.

A surprising only-in-Vegas experience you’ve had?
Mat Franco:
When you walk through The LINQ Hotel & Casino, for better or for worse, you will see my face plastered over everything, from casino tables to bar napkins. Even the entire front of the building is a larger-than-life photo of yours truly. One night, my show crew and I wandered into the casino and sat down at a Mat Franco Blackjack table and started to play. The dealer told me that I looked like Mat Franco. I told her that I am Mat. She sarcastically said, “Yeah… OK.” Then the pit boss joined the conversation saying that we “had” to go see the Mat Franco show. He said he had been to the show and even described some of his favorite parts to us. I exclaimed again that it was a pleasure to meet him, and that I appreciated his kind words about our show. As we were about to leave, the pit boss shouted from across the casino floor “You guys really need to go see the show!” I nonchalantly walked over to him and flashed him my license and we took a photo together and I gave him a signed deck of cards. It was a very comical way to make someone’s day a little bit better!

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