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Q&A: Meet the Wildly Funny Tape Face

Category Actor Spotlight

|by Debbie Hall |

Tape Face removes his duct tape long enough to chat with ShowTickets!

In 2016, a young man with wide eyes emphasized by makeup, along with black duct tape over his mouth, was introduced to the United States. As a finalist on Season 11 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, the video of his performance went viral. Tape Face now brings his quirky residency show including mime, illusion, magic, puppetry and silent films to the House of Tape Theater at Harrah’s Las Vegas. While not giving away any spoilers, Tape Face might battle Darth Vader, bring John Lennon back to life and play with balloons. Tape Face (born Sam Wills) removed his duct tape long enough to speak with Show Tickets.

Tape Face (Photo: Jesse Lambert)

Tape Face (Photo: Jesse Lambert)

How do you feel about your return to Las Vegas and your new House of Tape room?
Tape Face
: It’s super exciting! I love that we can present the show in a space that is designed for the act and the stepping up in production values has been great fun.

What have you experienced living in Las Vegas?
Tape Face
: I have done a lot of the tourist activities but now I am more interested in discovering more of the hidden communities that lurk out in the suburbs.

Has anyone mistaken you for another entertainer?
Tape Face
: I once got mistaken for comedian Joey Delaware and that was pretty awkward, as I’ve not spoken to him since my agent Vinyl Burns terminated his contract.

What funny stories during your performances can you share?
Tape Face
: I have a routine where I dress a man up as a construction worker and then he strips to Tom Jones singing “You Can Leave Your Hat On.” I was performing in Glasgow and after the volunteer took off the costume to a huge round of applause he proceeded to take off his own clothing! The audience loved it so I left him to it.

I love interaction with the audience, but it is safe. I never want to humiliate anyone but celebrate them coming on stage with me.

You are from New Zealand and lived in the United Kingdom. Why does your show work in Las Vegas?
Tape Face
: Expressions are universal. People understand the humor. It was especially interesting for me to see the reactions when I appeared on America’s Got Talent. People really get me.

Tape Face is the performer who got Mel B to wear a toilet seat on America’s Got Talent. Now’s your chance to check him out for yourself in Sin City at Harrah’s Las Vegas – and has your discount tickets.

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