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5 Reasons to See ‘Crazy Girls’ in Vegas

Category Vegas Showstoppers

|by Jena Pugh |

This show is more than sizzling hot and its easy to see why

Crazy Girls is America’s longest running Burlesque show and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The show has entertained millions in its 30 years performing and now with its recent move to Planet Hollywood, Crazy Girls will continue to tempt and tease. IF you haven’t yet seen it, here are 5 reasons to catch a show:

Come see why these girls are considered one of the hottest shows on the Vegas Strip (Photo: Prueba)

Come see why these girls are considered one of the hottest shows on the Vegas Strip (Photo: Prueba)

One of Vegas’ hottest Shows
There are a lot of sexy shows to see in Vegas, but Crazy Girls is definitely at the top. The sizzling topless show pushes the envelope each and every night, adding more sexiness the longer it’s on the Vegas Strip. Not only is it a topless show, it also combines sexy burlesque numbers, pole dancing, costumes that leave little to the imagination and risqué dancing.

It’s Controversial
The Strip has seen lots of wild things over the years, and yet Crazy Girls seems to be the one show that has caused the most controversy. Perhaps it really is one of Vegas’ hottest shows, or maybe it’s the Girls’ perseverance (see #5) but Crazy Girls is surrounded in controversy. This is reason enough to come check it out.

The Outfits
The Girls’ certainly don’t wear much during their time on stage but what little they have on is absolutely stunning. Each Girl is dressed in $500,000 in costumes from Parisian-Influenced topless outfits to black leather and spiked heels. The G-strings are of course they’re most notable outfit.

The Choreography
Crazy Girls isn’t all just nakedness, these women are professionally trained dancers, who show off incredible athleticism through world renowned choreography. New routines are added regularly and include everything from topless contemporary boot-stomping pole dancing numbers to burlesque classics.

The Bronze Statue
In 1994, Las Vegas city officials sought to persuade the Riviera Hotel, where Crazy Girls was once housed, to take down a billboard of the scantily clad ladies near City Hall. The show fought and later a bronze statue was erected as a tribute to the Girls’ successful fight. It is now an international symbol of good luck and one great reason to come check out the show.

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