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ShowTickets Insider: Backstage with Frank Marino

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|by Maureen Mariano |

Confessions of a DIVA

ShowTickets Insider brings you backstage and into the “Diva Den,” where Frank Marino dishes about all things DIVAS Las Vegas!

ShowTickets Insider: Backstage with Frank Marino - Las Vegas

An hour before taking the stage of Las Vegas’ premier female impersonator show at The LINQ Hotel & Casino, Frank Marino welcomed ShowTickets into his flashy, pink and purple infused dressing room, rightfully dubbed the “Diva Den.” Hundreds of lipsticks, rows upon rows of wigs and enough perfume bottles to make an entire football team smell immaculate were on full display. But the one thing that outshined both his glitter-finished Versace pumps and dazzling wardrobe was his larger-than-life personality. The legendary host dished about all things DIVAS, from noteworthy moments on the Strip to a fabulous cast of equally over-the-top prima donnas. Despite the city’s ever-changing landscape, Frank Marino proves that as Las Vegas’ longest-running headliner—this diva is here to stay.

ShowTickets: What has been the best moment on stage?

Frank Marino: I would say the best moment for me on stage was when I got my first star on the Las Vegas Strip and they surprised me with it. And now, many years later, I am the only entertainer that has two stars on the Las Vegas Strip, so I feel very honored and blessed to be that person.

ST: What has been the worst moment on stage?

FM: The worst moment for me on stage ever was one day when I got a slight case of laryngitis and I had to perform. I sounded like I was going through puberty because my voice kept cracking. But I had to get through the show and we got through it, and the audience was very apologetic about me having a problem and not complaining about it. So I was very lucky to have such a nice group of people that night.

ST: Who has been the most talented diva you’ve worked with?

FM: I’ve worked with so many talented divas! But I’ll tell you what a great thing it is when you have a show that has Cher, Madonna and Tina Turner, and those people come in to see them being impersonated in an atmosphere like this is electric in the audience. When Gladys Knight came in, she got a roar of applause when she came in to see our Gladys Knight. And most recently, we just had Shania Twain come in after her show at Caesars. She came across the street and saw our show, and while she’s watching the show, she called her girlfriend Reba McEntire when [our] Reba was on, and says, “Girl, you got to come see this show. You won’t believe it! This looks more like you than you!”

ST: Who’s the biggest diva on the show and why?

FM: I’m definitely the biggest diva on the show and for no other reason than—I’m the boss! I let all the kids in the show have a say in what they're going to do which is very different from any other Vegas show. I want to know what music they want. I want to know what videos they want to use. We’ll collaborate, but I feel that if I do that for them, when they’re on stage, it’s going to make them happy and when they’re happy, I’m happy!

ST: With so many divas, has there been any drama backstage?

FM: Oh my God, they don’t call this show DIVAS for nothing! Every day there’s new drama, but it’s like a sitcom. It starts off with drama [but by the end of the night, the drama is all] taken care of!    




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