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ShowTickets Interview: Jeff Civillico of ‘Comedy In Action’

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|by Aleza Freeman |

The comedian talks the balancing act of his Vegas show & charity work

There’s a storage unit somewhere in Las Vegas with remnants of Jeff Civillico’s past shows: an inflatable set, a Furby, an old box of t-shirts…

“It’s not that glamorous,” admits the comedy juggler during a telephone interview with “It’s not like Copperfield’s warehouse.”

He added to the unit in 2017, when he moved his show Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action to the Anthony Cools Showroom at Paris Las Vegas. It’s a few doors down from his former haunt, Flamingo Las Vegas, where he performed for kids and adults six days a week for six years.

Jeff Civillico stars in ‘Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action’ at Paris Las Vegas (Photo: ‘Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action’)

Jeff Civillico stars in ‘Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action’ at Paris Las Vegas (Photo: ‘Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action’)

Upon moving, he retired his 20-feet by 40-feet blow-up arch, and some other “rack of death” props, like fire torches, a meat cleaver and a severed arm, to accommodate a smaller showroom with a cabaret lounge feel.

“I think it fits my act better,” he reveals of the 225-seat Paris showroom. “The audience is right there with you; the ceiling is lower; it’s more intimate.”

Eclectic, energetic and one of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet, Civillico is well known for being “big and rubbery and fun for kids, with a lot of verbal for the adults that goes over (the kids’) heads,” as he describes it. His family-style show is fast-paced and fine-tuned, with hilarious physical comedy, jaw-dropping juggling, unicycle riding and wedgie picking.

“It’s a clean comedy show with juggling, balancing, stunts, audience participation and a lot of improv,” he says.

He chooses to perform only one day a week in the Paris showroom (7 p.m. year-round), but this summer he has an additional time slot at 4 p.m. to accommodate afternoon crowds.

When not on stage in Las Vegas, Civillico is busy traveling around the globe to perform at corporate events and a variety of other gigs. He’s the celebrity spokesperson for the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, and is also well-known for his charity, Win-Win Entertainment.

Civillico started his entertainment non-profit in Las Vegas, and it now connects performers with children in need in more than seven cities. The goal is to bring levity and joy to those who can really use it.

“We saw that there was a blueprint that we established in Vegas that could be replicated nationally,” he says of Win-Win, adding, “It has grown much beyond myself.”

Many people assume his performing career came before his philanthropic endeavors, but Civillico points out that it was actually the other way around. His first-ever show was for charity when he was only 14 years old.

 “That’s how I started performing,” he says. “After I got out of school and became a full-time professional entertainer, that was still a part of me.”

Along with growing Win-Win, performing worldwide and supporting the local children’s museum, Civillico genuinely looks forward to performing on the Las Vegas Strip once a week.

“You’re never going to see the same show twice,” he notes. “We try to have fun and make an extremely unique experience every show.”

Since performances are only on Wednesdays, the showroom sells out fast. Book your tickets early – this is a show you don’t want to miss. 

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