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ShowTickets Q&A: Captain Kunton of ‘Opium’ Celebrates the Show’s One-Year Anniversary

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|by Aleza Freeman |

Captain Kunton: “If you don’t come out of this show high on life, you are dead inside.”

It’s only been a year since Spiegelworld’s Opium began shuttling passengers on a journey from The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas to Uranus and back, but the show is already one of the galaxy’s funniest (and friendliest) trips. The adults-only variety show takes you on a wild ride with a zany crew of characters and out-of-this-world in-flight entertainers, including an alien chanteuse, a confetti-throwing contortionist and a topless nurse who gives new meaning to walking while chewing gum. It’s basically a live sci-fi B-movie (balloons, bubbles, booze, a band…and boobs).

Captain Kunton is the raunchy leader of ‘Opium,’ which celebrates its one-year anniversary this month (Photo: ‘Opium’ by Spiegelworld)

Captain Kunton is the raunchy leader of ‘Opium,’ which celebrates its one-year anniversary this month (Photo: ‘Opium’ by Spiegelworld)

“If you don’t come out of this show high on life, you are dead inside,” proclaims Captain Amadeus Kunton. We at ShowTickets had a chance to chat one-on-one with Captain Kunton, one of the show’s most colorful characters. He shared some of the challenges of piloting the OPM 73, as well as his mission to impregnate the world.

How did you come to be the captain of the OPM 73?
Captain Kunton:
Well, what helped me get the job is that not only were there no other people going for the job, but I was the most experienced for this particular role…shipping people in and out of Vegas, through Uranus, and back again.

I was born to be a captain. The alliteration helps. Captain Kunton. It rolls off the tongue. So easy.

What are some of the challenges of being captain?
CK: The hardest part of my job is making sure that crew members and special guests don’t fraternize too aggressively with passengers, and that the ship does not crash and kill every single one of us, so we don’t get sucked out into space.

It’s not a job to take lightly, I tell you what.

Have you ever crashed?
I would be lying if I said we didn’t have a couple of close calls. But the good thing about close calls when you’re a pilot is, no one really knows what’s happening because they’re just sitting there. 

That’s why we invented in-flight entertainment, right – to keep you occupied while we try to not get sucked into an Einstein Rosen bridge or crash into a gigantic piece of frozen spaceship urinal debris.

Frozen waste and wormholes notwithstanding, what type of in-flight entertainment should passengers expect?
CK: You never really know what you’re going to get from the lineup of people who are onboard for that journey. It’s always changing, and we are always brining people in.

Some say we’re abducting them from other planets and other countries. That’s simply not true.

So, you’re not trafficking aliens then?
: No, no! Well, not anymore.

What is it that makes this a voyage worth taking?
It’s the intimacy, the style of the flight deck and how close you are to the action. Do you remember a time, if ever, when you went to the circus and you were nervous and scared for the performers; when you weren’t in this gigantic theater with hundreds and hundreds of heads in the way of the stage?

It’s also the quality of the people we hire on the flight deck, the things that they do. Everyone on this team is so passionate and so driven in making this show really one of the biggest and most enjoyable shows on the Strip. Everyone is 100 percent behind it, which is part of the reason why it is so successful.

Do you ever have reluctant passengers?
Absolutely. It’s nice when everyone comes in ready, like “Ok, let’s take this trip, it’s on,” but you can’t expect everyone to do exactly what you want all the time.

So many times, we take those people and we absolutely turn their day, week, night, whatever, completely around. Everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

Then again, that might just be from excessive G-force when coming in for landing.

If it weren’t for all the sex stuff, my 10-year-old son would love the show.
Your son would love the show with the sex stuff in it.

I stand corrected. He absolutely would, but…
I know, it’s very raunchy. It’s very adult. It’s definitely not a show for families. It’s a show that doesn’t take itself very seriously, but behind that you can see a lot of passion and an extraordinary amount of hard work from everyone.

You have an act in the show as well?
Well, it would be difficult to push everyone to the edge of their ability and not show off what I have in the bag. If you’re going to captain a ship, you have to put a little bit of the money where your mouth is. (My) little bit is what we call the “Sexy Diablo,” and I take no responsibility for everyone being pregnant at the end of the act…true fact.

Will I be pregnant at the end of this interview?
(Nervous laughter).

Maybe you could market ‘Opium’ to women who are having trouble getting conceiving. That’s a pretty good deal for the price of a show ticket.
Well, you know, we just can’t stop giving.
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