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The Best Hybrid Las Vegas Shows to Book for Your Next Vegas Trip

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These shows combine comedy, magic, striptease and more

Las Vegas has historically been known for its variety shows, but over the years, a slightly different brand of Vegas show has emerged: the hybrid show. Combining two or more types of popular Vegas shows for a two-for-one take on Sin City’s signature entertainment, these innovative performances are sure to wow. From comedy to hypnosis to striptease and more, we’re highlighting the best hybrid shows you should book for your next trip to Vegas.

Marc Savard’s signature Vegas show combines comedy and hypnosis (Photo: Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis)

Marc Savard’s signature Vegas show combines comedy and hypnosis (Photo: Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis)

The Naked Magicians 
Magic + Striptease

With a tagline like “Sleeves Up, Pants Down,” we can’t imagine a better night of laughs at the MGM Grand. Australian magicians Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne will lead an evening of mesmerizing and thrilling acts. These two seem to have found a comedy niche that no one has previously explored, and the results are sold out performances and audiences who leave wanting more. It’s a pretty unique show, so be sure to snag a ticket beginning in February. 

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis
Comedy + Hypnosis
Hypnosis shows are often unintentionally funny. Watching madness descend on your loved ones and unsuspecting strangers alike – in the form of hypnosis that encourages them to dance like no one’s watching, squawk like chickens, or turn into a football team, etc. – can leave you in stitches. Marc Savard takes the humorous side of hypnosis to a new level with his hilarious hypnotherapy. Attendees can either see the show, or be the show.

George Lopez
Culture + Comedy

The best part of George Lopez’s comedy is, without a doubt, the way he infuses it with his culture. Lopez seamlessly weaves his Latin heritage into an evening of laughter and storytelling like no other. We love his impressions of his grandparents or other key characters in his life that come to life with such personality and energy. We always applaud anyone who celebrates their personal story through their talent, and Lopez is incomparable in this respect. 

V - The Ultimate Variety Show
Comedy + Magic

V really does combine just about everything Vegas has to offer, from comedy to famous illusionists to magic and more. If you’re looking for a show to bring you the full buffet of Vegas entertainment, look no further. V will be sure to keep you laughing, gasping and gawking at every unique performance wrapped up in one evening of fun. At the V Theater in the Miracle Mile Mall at Planet Hollywood, this show continues to attract audiences night after night, and definitely is not one to be missed for an evening of endless high-energy entertainment. 

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