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The Best Las Vegas Magic Shows To Help You Kick Off 2019

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Conjure up the perfect New Year with the help of these stellar acts

The magic of Las Vegas doesn’t just exist in the glittering skyscrapers and glistening casino light. It also lives, night after night, onstage in the city’s hottest venues. Some of our favorite Vegas shows in the last few years have been magic shows, and for good reason. Believe us when we say that these are not your typical magic shows. They go beyond the disappearing acts and rabbit top hat acts to bring you more suspense, laughter and surprise than ever before. An evening of magic can set the mood to elevate your Vegas trip to new heights, so be sure to catch one of the shows to kick off your 2019.

‘Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly’ could make for a sizzling start to your New Year (Photo: Christopher DeVargas)

‘Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly’ could make for a sizzling start to your New Year (Photo: Christopher DeVargas)

Penn & Teller 
Our favorite combo over dinner and a show is comedy and magic, so look no further for a captivating, unique magic show to entertain even the biggest skeptics. Penn & Teller’s humor has become the spark that keeps audiences coming back for more, year after year, as their show has evolved. It’s a must-see, and at the top of our list! 

David Copperfield 
Magic and entertaining runs in David Copperfield’s blood. From an early age, his interest in magic led him to epic achievements in his craft, such Guinness Book of Records honors, as well as Emmy Awards for his incomparable shows. The MGM Grand hosts the famous illusionist, whose work will keep you captivated well after the show ends! 

The Mentalist LIVE
Gary McCambridge will tap into one of the great arts of magic – mind-reading and hypnosis – with a flair of comedy and other unique thrills. This show will challenge even the most confident skeptics by showcasing McCambridge’s ability to retrieve information from your mind you never thought possible. This one-man act has been voted the best in previous years for the interactive quality that leaves audiences feeling awestruck and inspired by his rare talents.  

Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly 
This show is an unforgettable and up-close journey through the thrills of magic! Voted the best in Magic Show by the Las Vegas Review Journal, Franco puts on a show that keeps you guessing, gasping and wanting more.

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