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The Do’s and Don’ts of Seeing a Show in Vegas

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Here are our tips for the best Vegas show experience

Seeing a show in Vegas is at the top of our must-do list when visiting the entertainment capital of the world, especially around the holiday season. We’ve come to know the do’s and don’ts of show-going and are sharing our top 6. They are mostly DO’s, because “When in Vegas!"

‘WOW – The Vegas Spectacular’ incorporates water effects (Photo: ‘WOW – The Vegas Spectacular’)

‘WOW – The Vegas Spectacular’ incorporates water effects (Photo: ‘WOW – The Vegas Spectacular’)

DO book ahead of time for shows you are 100% sure you want to see. We have a few different itineraries for various shows in Vegas, and highly recommend celebrating the entire day around the show. (The Rat Pack is Back-themed itinerary, anyone?) Plus, you always want to ensure you have perfect seats to these star-studded shows. 

DO allow for spontaneous bookings last minute! This may seem in complete contradiction to our above “do,” but we think that every Vegas trip should balance must-see shows (booked in advance) with one or two spontaneous evenings out to the theater. Vegas is one of the top cities for spontaneity, so leave a few nights open and hop into a show that fits the mood of your evening. 

DON’T worry about seeing too many shows. With the unique flavor of each show, you can never book too many, and in a city that never sleeps, you have a whole night to fill to the brim. 

DO allow for variety, though. Make sure to book a few styles of shows to mix it up throughout your trip. Maybe one star headliner, one Cirque du Soleil, one seasonal favorite, and a Broadway-style production. That way each evening offers a unique experience.

DO read up on show descriptions to make sure you’re booking a show that suits your style and group. Each show is suited to various audiences, such as couples, adult viewers, families and more. Make sure to check the website show description to make sure the show you select is a match for you and your crew. 

DO pair dinner and a show. With all of the amazing award-winning restaurants in Vegas, we highly recommend a pre- or post-show dinner to celebrate a fun night out, or even a dinner show to combine the two.




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