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'Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition' Adds 108 New Artifacts

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|by Aleza Freeman |

Don’t miss your chance to see these priceless remnants of history

April 15 marks 108 years since the RMS Titanic tragically went down at sea. To commemorate the somber anniversary, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has introduced 108 new artifacts – including 20 that are never-before-seen – as well as new technologies and a #KingOfTheWorld photo station inspired by the 1997 Oscar-winning motion picture.

‘Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition’ will add enticing new pieces to its collection this season (Photo: 'Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition').

‘Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition’ will add enticing new pieces to its collection this season (Photo: 'Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition').

Among the new artifacts are a chef’s baker hat, a first-class smoking-room chandelier, the sole of a golf shoe, a brain-marie cooking pot, an alligator skin wallet and the calling card for a passenger named Madame Zephey. The items had been under careful preservation since being recovered from the wreckage.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share this special piece of history with Las Vegas and the Exhibitions’ visitors from around the world,” Alex Klingelhofer, executive director of collections for Experiential Media Group, told the press. “These priceless artifacts, which have been painstakingly recovered and preserved, belonged to real people aboard the RMS Titanic. It’s important that we’re able to continue their legacies and share their stories through the display of their personal belongings and materials from aboard the ship.”

In one of modern history’s deadliest maritime disasters, more than 1,500 people died after the luxurious New York City-bound liner hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean on the morning of April 15, 1912. The passengers on the ship’s maiden voyage included some of the world’s wealthiest people and emigrants seeking a better life.

The wreckage was discovered in 1985 and thousands of artifacts were recovered. More than 400 of these artifacts – including luggage, floor tiles from the first-class smoking room and an unopened bottle of champagne with a 1900 vintage – are on display at the Luxor exhibition along with a 15-ton section of the Titanic’s starboard hull, known as the “Big Piece,” and a recreation of the ship’s Grand Staircase and first- and third-class cabins.

In addition to the added artifacts, guests are now able to pose with prop lifejackets and take personal photos inside the exhibition. More enhancements are expected throughout Spring 2020, as well as the opportunity to host private events in the space.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. with the last admission granted at 9 p.m.

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