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Top 10 Shows to Book Now for New Year’s Eve 2018 in Vegas

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|by Reannon Muth |

Vegas shows sell out fast on NYE – here’s what to book now

There’s nothing better than New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. With the sunshine and palm trees, bright lights and frenetic pulse of the city, Vegas on December 31 is when this city shines. And there’s perhaps no better way to get the in the celebratory mood than with one of this year’s most tantalizing and talked-about shows. Grab a glass of champagne and make a resolution to start your planning early with this list of the best Vegas shows to book now for New Year’s Eve.

Salt N Pepa’s ‘I Love the ‘90s’ show will help you dance the night away (Photo: I Love the ‘90s)

Salt N Pepa’s ‘I Love the ‘90s’ show will help you dance the night away (Photo: I Love the ‘90s)

Why it’s a great choice for New Year’s Eve:
With Absinthe, you won’t have to worry about risking a holiday celebration on a new or previously untested show. As one of the top five shows in Vegas for more than 10 years, Absinthe has proven itself to be a crowd-pleaser and a guaranteed hit.

Part vaudeville, part circus and part variety cabaret, Absinthe is one of the quirkiest and most delightfully raunchy shows on the Strip. Perched on the edge of Las Vegas Boulevard, in a round circus tent smack dab in front of Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino, this late 19th-century European cabaret-inspired show has a “traveling side-show” circus vibe – and that’s by design. The show was originally created as a temporary pop-up performance, but after it became a runaway success, Caesar’s Palace decided to keep the show along with its funky, curbside location. The circular theater venue is intimate, seating just 650 people, and ensuring that there is literally no bad seat in the house.

LE REVE – The Dream
Why it’s a great choice for New Year’s Eve:
LE REVE is one of those “must-see” Vegas shows that’s worth the hype. Come for the water stunts, but also prepare to be wowed by the fire, lights and aerial acrobatics as well.

Launched in 2005 in the Wynn Las Vegas, LE REVE is a love story told through music, dance and water (lots and lots of water). As dancers twirl and leap, and acrobats fly through the air, the stage is raised and lowered into a 27-foot-deep pool to make room for synchronized swimming routines and stunt dives. Accompanying the theatrical production is 172 high-powered fountains, 16 fire-shooters and a 47-foot-tall rain curtain. There’s a little something for everyone in this action-packed and family-friendly show.

Celine Dion
Why it’s a great choice for New Year’s Eve:
This will be the last New Years Eve you’ll get to see Celine Dion live at Caesars Palace. Queen Celine is retiring from Vegas on June 8, 2019.

With Celine Dion, everything is larger than life – from the show’s 4,300-seat theatre, to its 3D projections and massive, 31-piece orchestra and everything in between. Even after more than 1,000 shows, Celine’s powerhouse vocals haven’t faded a bit – her voice vibrates through the auditorium with such crystal-clear sound, you’ll leave the theater with goose bumps. Bid 2018 a heart-will-go-on farewell at this grand, legend-in-the-making show.

Michael Jackson ONE
Why it’s a great choice for New Year’s Eve:
If you’re in the mood for dancing on NYE, then this Michael Jackson music-themed Cirque show is a great way to get the evening started.

With 31 Top-10 Hits on the Billboard Top 100, it’s easy to see why Cirque du Soleil chose to design a show entirely around the King of Pop’s music. Performed at the Mandalay Bay in a traditional theater that seats 1,805 people, Michael Jackson ONE is part concert, part dance show and 100 percent MJ. Each seat in the house is equipped with three speakers, ensuring that no matter where you’re seated, your ears will be in for a treat. Wear comfy shoes, because this show will have you moonwalking your way into 2019. 

The Beatles LOVE
Why it’s a great choice for New Year’s Eve:
If you’re hoping 2019 will bring a little more peace, love and happiness into your life, then this escapist, dance-filled Cirque du Soleil show might be the perfect choice. The Beatles LOVE is TripAdvisor’s top pick for “Best Show in Vegas.”

Shake off your worries for 2019 with this up-beat ‘60s nostalgia Cirque show. Performed at The Mirage Las Vegas, this rock-n-roll-spiked production features trapeze acts, aerial stunts, trampoline tricks, groovy dance moves and, of course, Beatles music. Whether you’re a fan of the Fab Four and the Flower Power decade or not, the upbeat tempo of the music and the enthusiasm the show’s performers bring to each flip and spin make it a hard show not to love.

Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly
Why it’s a great choice for New Year’s Eve:
If you’re looking to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a quintessentially “Vegas” fashion, nothing is more Vegas than a magic show. Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented offers a genre-transforming and interactive twist to the traditional magic show, and it’s fun for the whole family.

Mat Franco rocketed to stardom after becoming the first magician to win the entire season of America’s Got Talent. His magic show, which is performed at the Linq, has been a non-stop hit since it opened, earning the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s coveted title of “Best Magic Show in Las Vegas” for two-years in a row. Although the astounding and frequently funny show is family friendly, it also has some edgier jokes thrown in that adults will appreciate.

Paranormal: Mind Reading Magic
Why it’s a great choice for New Year’s Eve:
Though the magic show Paranormal may leave you with a lot of questions (mainly: How the heck did he do that?), you’ll have fun trying to guess and watching as the audience is hypnotized (and often to hilarious affect). The bottom line: The show is a lot of fun, and smartly executed. It’s a great way to start an adventurous and intrigue-filled New Year.

Starring the famous mentalist Frederic Da Silva, Paranormal is a show that features a number of head-scratching and impressive mind-reading tricks. Throughout the show, Frederic, who was named the Best Mentalist in Europe, attempts to guess everything from what audience members are thinking to what they have in their pockets. Performed at Bally’s Hotel and Casino, Paranormal remains one of the most popular shows on the Strip.

I Love The ‘90s – The Vegas Show
Why it’s a great choice for New Year’s Eve:
I Love the ‘90s is a new show, and a great choice for seasoned Vegas show-goers looking for something different, or for anyone who hasn’t quite gotten over the decade that brought the world Friends, grunge music and crop tops.

Celebrate the New Year by partying “like it’s 1999” – literally. This 90-minute show at Paris Las Vegas features a revolving cast of ‘90s chart-topping headliners, including Salt-N-Pepa (Remember “Push It”?) and All-4-One (“I Swear”). Whether you lived through the ‘90s or just wish you had, this fun and funky show that Entertainment Weekly calls “an arena-sized dance party” is a celebration of ‘90s music, pop culture and everything that made the 1990s “the great-feeling decade.”

Raiding the Rock Vault
Why it’s great choice for New Year’s Eve:
If your idea of a good night out on the town is rocking out to the best rock music from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, then you’ll love Raiding the Rock Vault. It’ll feel like you’re celebrating the start of 2019 with all your favorite rock legends (and several thousand amped and hard-partying new friends).  

Raiding the Rock Vault has a simple yet ingenious concept: Take the best guitarists and drummers from dozens of famous rock bands, add in several talented vocalists and have them all perform popular rock songs in a nightly live concert at the Hard Rock Hotel. It’s a fun, frenetic show that features musicians from big-name bands like the Offspring, Quiet Riot, Bon Jovi, Heart and more. It’s a great show for fans of the music from The Rolling Stones, Queen, Van Halen, Aerosmith and AC/DC.

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show
Why it’s a great choice for New Year’s Eve:
Featuring comedy, magic and a stunt involving goldfish, The Mac King Comedy Magic Show offers a little something for everyone. It’s a great choice for families looking for some wholesome, “kid-friendly” entertainment.

Though the Mac King Comedy Show at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino is known for its “clean humor,” the show is as entertaining and laugh inducing as any you’ll find on the Strip. Mac King began his career on Penn and Teller’s Sin City Spectacular, and has been named “Magician of the Year” by the Magic Castle in Hollywood.


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