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Carrot Top - Las Vegas

Carrot Top

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Carrot Top Showtimes

Mon February 15 8:00 PM
Tue February 16 8:00 PM
Wed February 17 8:00 PM
Thu February 18 8:00 PM
Fri February 19 8:00 PM
Sat February 20 8:00 PM
Mon February 22 8:00 PM
Tue February 23 8:00 PM
Wed February 24 8:00 PM
Thu February 25 8:00 PM
Fri February 26 8:00 PM
Sat February 27 8:00 PM
Mon March 1 8:00 PM
Tue March 2 8:00 PM
Wed March 3 8:00 PM
Thu March 4 8:00 PM
Fri March 5 8:00 PM
Sat March 6 8:00 PM
Mon March 8 8:00 PM
Tue March 9 8:00 PM


Carrot Top at the Luxor Las Vegas entertains audiences night after night.  From his reddish-orange hair to his recognizable voice, Carrot Top has carved out a niche as a great live performer who uses a mix of props and stand-up to get some hard laughs.  Carrot Top has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas Special, just to name a few. And for a man who got his start while performing at open-mic nights as a college student, he has honed skills to become one of the most recognizable comedians in America. In his Las Vegas show on, he shows off a variety of “inventions” and joke-telling.  Carrot Top keeps his audiences fully engaged and entertained at all times with his energetic and flamboyant stage presence.  With his wild and crazy look of his “carrot” colored hair and his tie-dyed shirts, he definitely makes a fashion statement while performing his hilariously offbeat act.

Why Go?

Best Known For:
"A truly gifted comedian." - Luxor Hotel and Casino

Describing himself as a mix between all-star comedians George Carlin, Gallagher, and Steven Wright, Carrot Top uses crazy props like duct tape, zip ties, crazy glue, and other objects that he invents on a daily basis. His hilarious observational and self-deprecating humor leaves his audiences falling over in laughter throughout the entire show. If there is one thing Carrot Top really enjoys, it is making his audience laugh, and get their money’s worth at his Vegas shows.

Additional Information

Monday - Saturday at 8:00pm


Due to strong show content guest must be 18 and above to attend the show, or 16 with a parent or guardian present.

90 minutes

Drink service available in the theater

Covid Safety Precautions & Procedures


3900 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119