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Defending the Caveman - Las Vegas - 5

Defending the Caveman

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Defending the Caveman Showtimes

Tue December 18 8:40 PM
Wed December 19 8:40 PM
Thu December 20 8:40 PM
Fri December 21 8:40 PM
Sat December 22 8:40 PM
Sun December 23 8:40 PM
Mon December 24 8:40 PM
Tue December 25 8:40 PM
Wed December 26 8:40 PM
Thu December 27 8:40 PM
Fri December 28 8:40 PM
Sat December 29 8:40 PM
Sun December 30 8:40 PM
Mon December 31 8:40 PM
Tue January 1 8:40 PM
Wed January 2 8:40 PM
Thu January 3 8:40 PM
Fri January 4 8:40 PM
Sat January 5 8:40 PM
Sun January 6 8:40 PM

"Caveman is a nationwide comic phenomenon!" - The New York Times

"Men take your woman, women grab your guy!" - The Philadelphia Inquirer


Known as Broadway’s smash comedy about the sexes, the one-man comedy show, Defending the Caveman takes audiences on a hilarious journey through the ways men and women relate. Created by comedian/writer Bob Becker, and performed by Kevin Burke, the show attempts to debunk the age-old myth that all men are jerks. The show suggests that the same characteristics that were conveyed by cavemen are still apparent in modern day behaviors of men and women and that understanding this is the key to understanding the opposite sex. The insightful play will have both men and women laughing and eventually loving each other as they recognize themselves in the stories being told onstage. Caveman has been seen in 45 countries and translated into 30 different languages and currently holds the record as the longest running solo play in Broadway history.

Why Go?

Best Known For:
A comedic look at relationships from the male and female perspectives.

The underlying message of the show is that despite all of the differences between men and women, there is still hope for bridge building instead of fighting. You’ll find laughter but mostly comfort as Defending the Caveman assures you and your partner that despite the genetic differences between genders couples can embrace these differences without hostile judgment and can therefore live together peacefully. It’s hilarious, it’s clever but most of all it’s a lesson in relationships! Defending the Caveman has won the hearts of millions and is sure to win yours.

"Caveman is a nationwide comic phenomenon!" - The New York Times
"Men take your woman, women grab your guy!" - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Additional Information

Nightly at 8:40 p.m.

65 minutes



301 E Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101