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Mystère™ by Cirque du Soleil® - Las Vegas - 5

Mystère™ by Cirque du Soleil®

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Mystère Theatre at Treasure Island
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Mystère™ by Cirque du Soleil® Showtimes

Fri May 29 7:00 PM
Sat May 30 7:00 PM
Sun May 31 7:00 PM
Mon June 1 7:00 PM
Tue June 2 7:00 PM
Fri June 5 7:00 PM
Sat June 6 7:00 PM
Sun June 7 7:00 PM
Mon June 8 7:00 PM
Tue June 9 7:00 PM
Fri June 12 7:00 PM
Sat June 13 7:00 PM
Sun June 14 7:00 PM
Mon June 15 7:00 PM
Tue June 16 7:00 PM
Fri June 19 7:00 PM
Sat June 20 7:00 PM
Sun June 21 7:00 PM
Mon June 22 7:00 PM
Tue June 23 7:00 PM


Mystère ™ is an exploration of the origins of life, borrowing mythologies and anecdotes from a vast variety of cultures you can see at Treasure Island. In fact, this is precisely what Cirque du Soleil ® always does as it constructs its elaborately dazzling productions: it borrows from circus acts, street performance, acrobatics and commedia dell’arte to bring you a variegated display of showmanship and athleticism with its collection of 75 international artists. This thrilling phantasmagoria includes such classic acts as Chinese Poles, daring trampoline coordination, and Hand to Hand Balancing, as well as stunning trapeze artistry and classic physical comedy (formally from the Cirque du Soleil Show ® in Japan, ZED ™.) The experience of watching Mystère ™ is akin to dreaming you are a child again, lifting your eyes to alight for the first time on a team of aerial acrobats as they glide through the air, all in vibrant Technicolor. has your tickets to see the original must-see Cirque du Soleil show for yourself in Las Vegas.

Why Go?

Best Known For:
Circus acts and acrobatics, visually stimulating theater.

All of the essential elements of successful theatricality come together in Mystère ™ -- from the pitch perfect scoring to the extraordinary costume design, from the expert performers to the seamless staging -- to create a truly unique and exceptional evening of theater. This is a great Cirque du Soleil ® show for children. Everyone will enjoy the amazing feats. Franco Dragone, one of the original creators of Cirque du Soleil ®, wanted to create an environment wherein the artist and the audience were never separated by a curtain, where an artist had to remain in character for the duration of the production. His endeavor has surely been a success, for at Mystère ™, you will definitely feel as though you are part of the action with tickets from, which paved the way for more Cirque du Soleil ® Las Vegas shows.

Additional Information

7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
(Saturday — Wednesday)

Thursday and Friday

All Ages

90 minutes

Drinks available in the theater.

Parking fees apply for guests parking at the hotel.


3300 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109