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Area 51 VIP Tour - Las Vegas - 5

Area 51 VIP Tour

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Area 51 VIP Tour Showtimes

Sat January 30 7:00 AM
Mon February 1 7:00 AM
Wed February 3 7:00 AM
Sat February 6 7:00 AM
Mon February 8 7:00 AM
Wed February 10 7:00 AM
Sat February 13 7:00 AM
Mon February 15 7:00 AM
Wed February 17 7:00 AM
Sat February 20 7:00 AM
Mon February 22 7:00 AM
Wed February 24 7:00 AM
Sat February 27 7:00 AM
Mon March 1 7:00 AM
Wed March 3 7:00 AM
Sat March 6 7:00 AM
Mon March 8 7:00 AM
Wed March 10 7:00 AM
Sat March 13 7:00 AM


The Area 51 VIP Tour by Adventure Photo Tours starts with a viewing of Janet Airlines, the airline that doesn’t exist. Then enjoy an incredibly remote and scenic drive to inspect very unusual ancient Indian Petroglyphs that resemble aliens. Next, explore a Mysterious Dry Lake where recent UFO sightings have occurred. After another beautiful drive along the Extraterrestrial Highway, arrive for lunch at the famous Little A'Le' Inn, host to numerous documentaries and movies including the filming of "Independence Day." Then travel to Black Mailbox, a sacred meeting place for UFO enthusiasts. Continue to Joshua Tree Forest and arrive at the incredibly remote and absolute perimeter of Area 51 with the guards (The Men In Black) in place. As much as the United States government denied the existence of this base for decades, we now know it is there but no one knows what they do there. This is an Extreme Tour to the world's most top secret military facility, the real home of the X Files, Area 51. Get your tickets today at! 

Why Go?

Best Known For:
Extreme tour to the world’s most top secret military facility

For science fiction aficionados to believers and nonbelievers, Area 51 VIP Tour offers a thrilling adventure to the real home of the X Files. With scenic desert views along the Extraterrestrial Highway and famous stops at the Little A’le’ Inn, Black Mailbox and more, this daytime journey will be one for the books! Prepare to be spooked with tickets to Area 51 VIP Tour at 

Tour Includes:

  • Professional Tour Guides
  • Lunch
  • Unlimited Bottled Water and Snacks

Additional Information

Tour Schedule:
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 7:00am, return to Las Vegas approximately 5pm

Tour Duration:
Approximately 10 hours hotel to hotel

Age Restrictions: 
All ages