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Hoover Dam VIP Tour - Las Vegas

Hoover Dam VIP Tour

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Hoover Dam VIP Tour Showtimes

Wed March 3 7:00 AM
Thu March 4 7:00 AM
Fri March 5 7:00 AM
Sat March 6 7:00 AM
Sun March 7 7:00 AM
Mon March 8 7:00 AM
Tue March 9 7:00 AM
Wed March 10 7:00 AM
Thu March 11 7:00 AM
Fri March 12 7:00 AM
Sat March 13 7:00 AM
Sun March 14 7:00 AM
Mon March 15 7:00 AM
Tue March 16 7:00 AM
Wed March 17 7:00 AM
Thu March 18 7:00 AM
Fri March 19 7:00 AM
Sat March 20 7:00 AM
Sun March 21 7:00 AM
Mon March 22 7:00 AM


Located in Black Canyon on the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam is the highest structure of its kind in the world. It is an outstanding achievement, noteworthy not only for its enormous dimensions, complex design and intricate construction, but also for its illustration of man's outstanding ability to overcome the desert's summer sun, the vagaries of a treacherous river, and the extreme hazards of great heights on the chasm's sheer walls.

This tour includes the Visitor Center and Historical Displays, views from the interior base of the dam into the Generator Room, the fascinating Hoover Dam Movie, with ample time for breathtaking views from the top of the dam, Lake Mead, the world's largest man-made lake, the eastern edge of the chasm in Arizona where you have fabulous views of the dam and Lake Mead. In addition, there are fabulous photo ops of the new Hoover Dam Bridge. Before returning to Las Vegas we stop at a local park where herds of Big Horn Sheep often come down from the surrounding mountains to gather and graze on the sweet grass.

Why Go?

Best Known For:
Enjoy breathtaking views of one of the greatest architectural achievements, the Hoover Dam.

Spend a day in Black Canyon on the Colorado River with discount tickets to the Hoover Dam VIP Tour from Adventure Photo Tours. With your tour tickets you can enjoy a visit to the Visitor Center, interior base of the dam, and breathtaking views from atop the dam!

Additional Information

Tour Schedule: Daily at 7am

Tour Duration: Approximately 5.5-6 hours hotel to hotel

Age Limit: All ages