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Bodies...The Exhibition

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Bodies...The Exhibition Showtimes

Thu April 15 Open 11am - 6pm
Fri April 16 Open 11am - 6pm
Sat April 17 Open 11am - 6pm
Sun April 18 Open 11am - 6pm
Thu April 22 Open 11am - 6pm
Fri April 23 Open 11am - 6pm
Sat April 24 Open 11am - 6pm
Sun April 25 Open 11am - 6pm
Thu April 29 Open 11am - 6pm
Fri April 30 Open 11am - 6pm
Sat May 1 Open 11am - 6pm
Sun May 2 Open 11am - 6pm
Thu May 6 Open 11am - 6pm
Fri May 7 Open 11am - 6pm
Sat May 8 Open 11am - 6pm
Sun May 9 Open 11am - 6pm
Thu May 13 Open 11am - 6pm
Fri May 14 Open 11am - 6pm
Sat May 15 Open 11am - 6pm
Sun May 16 Open 11am - 6pm


Located on the atrium level of the Luxor Hotel and Casino, Bodies...the Exhibition provides inquisitive guests with a never before seen look inside the human body. This highly educational exhibit allows visitors to view authentic three dimensional cadavers, highlighting specific organs and systems of the body. A truly unique attraction, Bodies...the Exhibition is perfect for guests of all ages looking for a memorable and informative experience and is the best place to purchase tickets.

The exhibition consists of 13 bodies that have been dissected and preserved, as well as over 260 body parts and partial body specimens that showcase what the human body truly looks like and how it works. Each body is respectfully displayed to reflect the human body in motion whether it is playing football or conducting an orchestra. The flow of the exhibit depicts each system of the body separately beginning with the skeletal system then gradually adding on layers in each room, moving from the muscular system to the nervous system to the circulatory system and so on. In addition to this, the exhibit goes even further by illustrating the effects of poor health decisions on the body with examples related to smoking, overeating, and lack of exercise.

Why Go?

Best Known For:
An up close and personal look at the inner workings of the human body.

The rare educational experience on the Las Vegas Strip, Bodies...the Exhibition is a fascinating and unforgettable attraction that can change lives. With informative displays and knowledgeable experts on hand, guests have the opportunity to look at their own bodies and health in a brand new light. Universally praised by visitors around the world for being thoughtful, creative, and eye-opening, this is truly an exhibit that will add a new layer of depth to your Vegas trip. And best of all, tickets for this breathtaking exhibit are available directly through 

Additional Information

Hours of Operation:
Thursday - Sunday 11am - 6pm (last admission at 5:00pm)

Located inside the Luxor Hotel and Casino

Age Requirement:
Must be at least 4 years of age.

Other Information:
Experts are on-hand to answer any of your questions within the exhibit.

Best Known For:
Explore your body from the inside out as Bodies the Exhibition examines the intricacies and complexities that lie beneath your skin. Then see what it was like to be on board the infamous Titanic at Titanic—The Artifact Exhibit with the Bodies and Titanic Combo Ticket!

Parking fees apply for guests parking at the hotel.

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3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119