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Titanic...The Artifact Exhibition - Las Vegas - 5

Titanic...The Artifact Exhibition

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Remembered as being one of the largest steamboats in the world on its original maiden voyage and as one of the most fateful tragedies in the history of America, the RMS Titanic is never forgotten in this commemorative Las Vegas exhibit.“Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” takes guests back to that fateful night of April 14, 1912, where the “unsinkable” Titanic fell to the ocean floor in a tragic iceberg crash.

Setting sail from Southhampton, England to New York. City, those aboard were hoping to set off into the sunset to the dreams that lay before them in America. Each person on the ship had a different story to be told. Some immigrants, looking to begin a new life in America. Some upper class looking to exploit the riches that may be waiting for them in America. Some with just pure luck of gaining a hot-commodity ticket on the RMS Titanic. For whatever reason it may be that those onboard were looking to set sail upon the RMS Titanic, no one would have ever guessed that their voyage would come to the sudden end that it did.

Upon the sinking of the Titanic, there were approximately 705 known survivors and 1,523 tragically proclaimed dead. “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” respectfully pays homage to all that were aboard the RMS Titanic on that fateful night. Bringing history to life, the exhibit displays actual artifacts, replicas, and pieces of the actual ship.

Upon your entry to the exhibit, you will be given a boarding pass of an actual Titanic passenger, allowing you a full immersion into everything about the Titanic. Throughout your journey through the exhibit, you will find amazingly well preserved artifacts from the actual ship. See beautifully conserved China, jewelry, gems, postcards, ship tools, currency, pipes, children’s toys, playing cards, and more. Amazingly, the majority of the conserved artifacts were preserved naturally by leather goods and wooden boxes, which sheltered them under the harsh conditions of the sea.

Throughout the exhibit, you will also see actual replicas of the iconic ship. Stand at the foot of the famous Grand Staircase, where Jack and Rose met for their rendezvous in the acclaimed movie Titanic. Explore the replicated Promenade Deck, as you hear the splashes of the ocean and see the dreaded iceberg. And, see how the third class and first class sleeping quarters differed in their accommodations.

End with the astonishing actual piece of the hull of the RMS Titanic. At 15 tons and 26 feet long, you can see the sheer strength that this ship had, before submitting to the iceberg. Upon exiting, check your boarding pass (given to you at the beginning of the journey) and compare it to the wall memorial to see the fate of your given passenger.

Why Go?

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Respectfully commemorating the original RMS Titanic, which fatefully crashed on April 14, 1912.

Perfect for the hot days along the Strip, “The Titanic: Artifact Exhibition” is an emotional, educational, and unforgettable exhibit for all. Perfect for kids and adults alike, you will not want to miss this memorable exhibit.

Actual artifacts from the RMS Titanic, Actual pieces of the RMS Titanic’s hull and base, Replicas of the Promenade Deck, Passengers Quarters, and the iconic Grand Staircase and Atrium.

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Open 10am - 10pm

Luxor Hotel and Casino

They have an exact replica of the Grand Staircase, which was made famous with the hit movie, Titanic.

Parking fees apply for guests parking at the hotel.

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