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Vegas Balloon Rides - Las Vegas - 5

Vegas Balloon Rides

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Vegas Balloon Rides
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Vegas Balloon Rides Showtimes

Tue October 22 5:00 AM
Wed October 23 5:00 AM
Thu October 24 5:00 AM
Fri October 25 5:00 AM
Sat October 26 5:00 AM
Sun October 27 5:00 AM
Mon October 28 5:00 AM
Tue October 29 5:00 AM
Wed October 30 5:00 AM
Thu October 31 5:00 AM
Fri November 1 5:00 AM
Sat November 2 5:00 AM
Sun November 3 5:00 AM
Mon November 4 5:00 AM
Tue November 5 5:00 AM
Wed November 6 5:00 AM
Thu November 7 5:00 AM
Fri November 8 5:00 AM
Sat November 9 5:00 AM
Sun November 10 5:00 AM


Get a new perspective on Sin City and hop aboard one of the magnificent hot air balloons at the highly regarded Vegas Balloon Rides. Picture this, just before the sun rises over the desert mountains, you meet your friendly pilot and crew. As you assist them in preparation for take-off, the vibrantly colored balloon inflates, rising to a colossal 10 stories high! Once you board basket, the pilot subtly elevates the balloon high in to the sky. Soaring over the Red Rock Mountains and peacefully drifting over the busy Vegas Strip, you’ll be in awe of the beauty of this Nevada cityscape. After an hour of exploring the desert from 1,000 feet in the air, you’ll return back to your launch site to do the ritualistic champagne toast. There is no better way to get a new perspective on Las Vegas. Best of all, you’ll be flying sky-high when helps you save some dough on your Vegas Balloon Rides tickets.

Why Go?

Best Known For:
Being the Largest Hot Air Balloon Company in Vegas

If you think Vegas is all about casinos and night clubs, let the largest hot air balloon company in Las Vegas change your view. There is no more gratifying feeling of peace than floating high above the buzzing Las Vegas strip or drifting among the mountains of the nearby deserts. And that southwestern sunrise will leave you feeling completely refreshed, a nice change from the usual Vegas vacation activities. But, what really sets Vegas Balloon Rides apart is the talented and attentive staff. Each pilot is FAA licensed, the crew members are each extremely knowledgeable, and everyone is so personable that you’ll feel like family aboard the hot air balloon. And then to make this deal just a little sweeter, when you make your reservations on, you’ll be jetting around Vegas for a discounted price.

Additional Information

-60 minutes of flight time 
-View of Las Vegas Strip from 1,000 feet in the air
-Champagne toast
-Post flight refreshments

Daily at 5:00am
subject to change depending on weather

Approximately 3 hours, Hotel to hotel

Age Limit:
6+, minors must be accompanied by an adult

Due to insurance restrictions we cannot accept passengers under the age of 10, women who are / or may be pregnant, or those with heart, back or knee problems. If you have any questions about these restrictions please discuss them with one of our Customer Service Representatives. Guests must  weigh no more than 300 pounds.